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Fortuna is the largest Central European betting operator that brings entertainment to sports fans, those who watch sporting events and bet on their favourite teams. For many years Fortuna has been a proud partner of the Romanian National Football Team. In 2021, the brand decided to take a step forward towards inclusivity and became the main sponsor of the Romanian Women's National Football Team.

When it comes to women's soccer, there is no shortage of preconceived stereotypes.

Sports media is a male-dominated setting around the globe giving more visibility to sports traditionally practised by men, as is the case with soccer, and reporting massively about male athletes and their performance.

Fortuna is adressing two of the biggest challenges women soccer players face: gender stereotypes and the lack of visibility. Our campaign aim was to raise awareness in a bid to bring a change in attitudes towards women in football. We worked with feminist poet Elena Vladareanu and rapper Max K. With their help we have turned a poem about gender stereotypes into an quintessential female empowerment anthem. The advert features rapper Max K reciting the poem togheter with the girls from the Romanian Women’s National Football Team. By sharing our team’s professional experience, we hope to encourage more women to get involved in soccer.


Brand Manager, Fortuna
Andreea Badea
Copywriter, Next Advertising
Maria Ionescu
Creative Director, Next Advertising
Andrei Tripsa
Art Director, Next Advertising
Dan Dragan
Director General, Next Advertising
Ileana Sebe
Strategic Planner, Next Advertising
Florentina Dinu
Client Service Director, Next Advertising
Ioana Cabuz
Account Manager, Next Advertising
Raluca Toma
Account Executive, Next Advertising
Andreea Stavar
Head of Digital, Next Advertising
Alexandru Tunaru
Head Of Marketing, Fortuna
Alexandru Tarog
Digital Strategist, Next Advertising
Bogdana Todorutiu
Sarra Tsorakidis
Boróka Bíró
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