Introducing the Vega Awards

Expert Jury Panel

The Vega Awards jury panel is composed of highly respected and experienced creatives who have distinguished themselves as the best in their field.
Their diverse knowledge in all fields and disciplines can help to separate the great from the good, bringing their wisdom to the table.

It is with great gratitude and honor that we thank the Jury Panel for dedicating their time, knowledge and hard work to adjudicate at the highest level.
This award would not be possible without this group of creative professionals’ commitment and enthusiasm.


Levente Kovacs

Chief Creative Officer, White Rabbit Budapest

Levente Kovacs co-founded his Hungary-based indie agency 14 years ago after stints at HKB Bozell and JWT Budapest.

Throughout his professional journey, he has secured numerous groundbreaking achievements for the Hungarian industry, notably being the first to have a Hungarian work featured on the cover of Luerzer's Archive. He also clinched Hungary's inaugural Platina Effie for long-term effectiveness. Presently, White Rabbit Budapest stands as Hungary's most decorated and internationally renowned creative agency.

He is a strategic mind and adept problem solver, crafting impactful brand narratives for clients like Heineken, Shell, KitKat, Vodafone, and WWF. His achievements have been acknowledged across various prestigious platforms. Advocating for purpose-driven approaches in branding and business, he actively promotes elevated creative standards and mentors aspiring talents. As a guest lecturer at Budapest Business University, he manages the Advertising Chronicles blog, translating marketing and advertising literature into Hungarian.

Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Saadeldin

Strategy Director, Extend | The Ad Network

Ahmed Saadeldin is an award-winning Director of Strategic Planner at Red Impact, Account Manager and Marketer.

Saadeldin excels in crafting integrated campaigns across Traditional, Digital, and Social media, with expertise in content strategies, media utilization, and effective pitch presentations. He prioritizes aligning these strategies with his clients' business goals, whether it's raising awareness, boosting conversions, or driving revenue growth.

In the role of a Strategic Evangelist, he utilizes industry best practices to introduce ground-breaking strategic concepts into comprehensive 360° integrated campaigns. He has also formulated advertising strategies for leading global FMCG companies such as Unilever and Kraft Heinz, along with prominent regional brands like Panda and Batook. Before his tenure at Drive Dentsu Riyadh, he collaborated with brands such as Elm, Saudi Electricity Company, Al Watania, and Deutsche Gulf Finance.

United States

Jeff Fryer

Senior B2B Digital Strategist,

Jeff Fryer is a strategic marketing innovator with over 15 years of experience driving digital growth for global tech and software companies.

Fryer, as a strategic marketing innovator, is at the forefront of shaping cutting-edge marketing strategies. With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, he leverages creativity to develop innovative campaigns that drives meaningful engagement. Prior to his current position, he managed social media at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a key player in setting digital advertising standards, collaborating closely with top-tier media companies and agencies worldwide.

He actively contributed to overseeing creative and impactful digital advertising campaigns, providing him with first-hand insights in interactive advertising and initiatives that pushed the boundaries of the digital advertising landscape. He invested a decade in music and entertainment marketing, an experience that also equipped him with the skills to craft compelling narratives tailored to the appropriate target audience.

United States

Olivia Santilli

Partner, Cummins&Partners

Olivia Santilli has established a venture at Cummins&Partners New York that consistently exceeds anticipations, thanks to her unwavering resolve.

She has infused an unstoppable and positive energy throughout the agency, influencing their work, client interactions, and creative output. Her fostering of a problem-solving environment has built a solid and positive reputation, central to their ongoing expansion. she has strengthened her role as a guide in shaping cultural trends. Consequently, she is in high demand as a market innovator and frequently invited to speak at industry events, discussing the core values of the emerging generation and how creative agencies are adapting to the contemporary landscape of constant engagement and the purpose-oriented demands of customers.

In October 2020, despite the challenges of a global economic crisis, Cummins&Partners New York achieved a place in the top Adweek 100: Fastest Growing Companies worldwide, boasting a three-year revenue increase of 111%.

United Arab Emirates

Robert Mitchell

Managing Partner, Driving Growth

In 2016, Robert Mitchell launched Driving Growth, his own agency based in Dubai, emphasizing integrated digital services, live events, and public relations.

Before establishing his agency, Mitchell honed his skills as a photographer and then transitioned into creative management roles at international agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, Springer & Jacoby, and Scholz & Friends. During this period, he contributed to the development and management of worldwide brands like BMW, Jeep, Volkswagen, and Samsung.

In 1999, he became part of Foote Cone Belding, focusing on the Asian market. He departed the network after an eight-year tenure, last serving as the Worldwide Creative Director. In 2007, he took on the challenge of establishing and leading a boutique agency owned by Dubai, which operated across the Middle East. His passion for blending artistic vision with marketing savvy has propelled him throughout his career, driving him to innovate in the digital and creative space.


Markus Pargfrieder

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Responsive Spaces

Markus Pargfrieder is the co-founder of and chief executive officer of Responsive Spaces.

Pargfrieder has been a stalwart in the digital and creative sector for nearly two decades, spending the bulk of this time at Netural, a top-tier digital agency in Austria. Advancing from over five years as Head of Multimedia Lab at Netural, he co-founded Responsive Spaces, channeling his expertise to the frontier where physical spaces meet the digital realm. Specializing in exhibitions, tradeshows, and events, Responsive Spaces thrives in environments where a unique area is devoted to conveying a narrative or message, often amplifying these stories with the strategic use of interactive and immersive technology.

He prioritizes the most crucial element in his work: the narrative. At Responsive Spaces, he upholds the principle that technology should always serve to elevate stories to new levels, rather than dictating the storytelling itself.


Birger Linke

Global Campaign Leader,

Birger Linke holds the position of Global Campaign Lead at RHYTHM 108, where he also regularly delivers lectures on marketing and advertising in addition to his involvement in design projects.

As the Global Campaign Leader, he directs a diverse in-house team of creative and marketing professionals spanning offices in Geneva and London. Their mission is to introduce consciously crafted vegan chocolate and cookies, the first of their kind in Switzerland, to a global audience.

With two decades in the communication industry, Linke has worked on both agency and client sides as a creative and marketer for renowned organizations such as Springer & Jacoby, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, and BBDO Interone. He founded TBWA\Vietnam and is a partner in the headphone startup Lynxsonic, earning him multiple awards for his dedication.

United States

Martin Bihl

Executive Creative Director, LevLane Advertising

With a dual role, Martin Bihl is the Executive Creative Director at LevLane Advertising and the Editor of The Agency Review.

Bihl has produced creative campaigns for an array of clients, from financial institutions to breweries, and delving into the B2B sector and beyond. He has ventured into an extensive range of marketing channels, including traditional print, TV, and radio, as well as innovative approaches like guerrilla marketing, digital strategies and even ground-breaking techniques yet to be categorized. Beyond his work in the advertising realm, Bihl's writing has been featured in an eclectic mix of publications such as McSweeney's, Advertising Age and has conducted interviews with notable industry figures like Sir John Hegarty, George Lois, and Luke Sullivan.

He has instructed undergraduate students, international master's candidates, and MBA scholars in the realms of marketing, advertising, and branding at universities. He frequently delivers presentations at educational institutions across the nation.

United States

Joaquin Lynch Garay

Associate Creative Director, Anomaly

Joaquin Lynch Garay holds the position of Associate Creative Director at Anomaly. He and his partner jointly run MUNILYNCH, where Garay serves as the Creative Director.

Prior to joining Anomaly, he held positions as Creative Director at Havas Worldwide New York and Leo Burnett Shanghai. Over the last decade, he has built his career at PONCE Buenos Aires, Lowe, DDB Buenos Aires, and Young & Rubicam. During this time, he breathed life into creative ideas for many prestigious brands such as Coca-Cola, Under Armour, Trident, Sonnet, NYC Football Club, Axe, Rexona, Impulse, PayPal, VW, Telefonica and a vast more, earning numerous international accolades along the way.

He is highly regarded in the creative industry for his exceptional expertise, known for his ability to bring innovative and award-winning campaigns to life. His talent and accomplishments have earned him a reputation as a luminary in the field.

United Kingdom

Greg Wixted

Co Professor in Entrepreneurship, University of North Carolina

Greg Wixted is a globally recognized food tech expert, acclaimed for his achievements in the FMCG and food entrepreneurship domains. He has a proven track record in brand and product innovation, venture architecture, and holds the position of co-professor in entrepreneurship at the University of California.

Wixted more than 25 years of managerial and leadership expertise, he has served as a board director at two of the globe's foremost creative agencies. Trained as an advertising planner, he established Xpert in 2010, a creative innovation agency headquartered in London with three branch offices. Furthermore, he's launched four startup ventures, covering a technology start-up, an artisanal Ketchup brand, a boutique resort label, and a Crypto Insurance company in the United States. In 2018, he introduced Xpert Sports, a sports innovation enterprise in the Middle East.

Given his numerous international awards, he serves as a mentor at the International School for Creative Art.


Tim Shelley

Creative Director, Bullfrog

Tim Shelley brings over 11 years of experience at the convergence of creativity, design, and technology to craft impactful brand experiences. As a key member of the creative leadership at AKQA San Francisco, he is known for producing industry-leading and trendsetting work.

Before joining AKQA, Shelley held the position of Digital Creative Director at Leo Burnett in Melbourne. In his four-year tenure, he helped propel the agency into the top 10 globally. His notable projects include Reword, an innovative anti-bullying and educational online tool for teens, which was installed on over 1 million computers within a year and led to a significant 67% reduction in bullying behavior among users.

His work has garnered consistent international recognition. He has previously contributed his expertise to brand consultancies such as SouthSouthWest and Hub Group, and the global digital agency, Isobar. His projects continue to earn acclaim in the industry.

United States

Rocco Baldassarre

CEO and Founder, Zebra Advertisement

Rocco Baldassarre is recognized in the field of digital marketing, both as a consultant and as an enterprising founder of Zebra Advertisement, a distinguished digital marketing agency. He gained notoriety for securing the title of the youngest winner of the Google Partners All-Star at 24 and has been honored in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list, alongside other global accolades that bolster his professional standing.

His consultancy work has attracted clients such as Bing Ads, and his insights have been highlighted in prominent media outlets including The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and in oDesk's Annual Impact Report, among others.

His dedication to digital marketing shines through his early achievement as the youngest Google Partners All-Star Winner, showcasing his commitment to excellence at a young age. His pursuit of innovation to garner international awards, reflects his unwavering commitment to the field. His features in top-tier publications demonstrate his relentless drive to lead and evolve within the industry.

United States

Jonathan Winbush

Motion Graphic Artist, Winbush Immersive

Jonathan Winbush, a distinguished motion graphic artist, directs the creative brilliance of Winbush Immersive, his independently operated studio.

Winbush shapes immersive visual experiences that captivate audiences and brings to life a diverse range of projects that showcase his unique style and storytelling prowess. He has collaborated on numerous prestigious projects for renowned studios including Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Bros, Hasbro, Happy Madison, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and others. In 2011, he earned recognition as one of the top 25 artists in Hollywood and received multiple accolades and awards for his outstanding contributions to the industry.

His artistic contributions have gained acknowledgment in various publications and multiple art institute brochures. He has actively participated in public speaking engagements for institutions such as the Art Institute and Siggraph, while also contributing to The Rant Room Podcast. Jonathan has generously conducted free workshops for orphaned and homeless children through the Create Now Foundation.

United States

Miro Kirov

Lead UX Designer, Miro Kirov

Miro Kirov is a UX/UI Designer with more than ten years of industry experience.

In his recent position as Lead Designer, he successfully led projects for Fortune 500 companies by employing Design Thinking techniques. He operates as a freelance designer, providing an extensive array of digital design services.

As a recognized expert in his field, he has consistently demonstrated a profound understanding and skillful application of advanced design principles, setting him apart as a leader among his peers. His portfolio, rich with successful projects for top-tier clients, speaks to his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to excellence. His determination to succeed is evident in his continuous pursuit of innovative solutions and his ability to transform complex challenges into impactful design achievements. He has earned respect and accolades for his ability to foresee industry trends and seamlessly integrate them into his work, further solidifying his status as a forward-thinking professional.

United States

Brendan Amoruso

Founder, Producer and Video Editor, Luna Lyte

Brendan Amoruso, the creator of Luna Lyte, is a seasoned producer and video editor with a decade of expertise in crafting content for various mediums, including advertisements, documentaries, case studies, and feature films.

His distinctive artistic approach has gained global recognition and accolades, paving the way for collaborations with musicians, innovators, and artists. These partnerships aim to bring their fervor and transformative creations to life on screen, spanning across commercial projects, live events, and digital marketing initiatives.

In his view, the art of editing plays a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of a production, be it a podcast or a pilot. Frequently, he discovers innovative solutions during the course of a project, many of which only come to light through the process of experimentation and learning from mistakes.


Kishore Karumbaiah

Director Of Communications, The Walt Disney Company

Kishore Karumbaiah is the Director of Communications at renowned company of The Walt Disney Company.

Karumbaiah, an acclaimed writer, brings over two decades of experience to the advertising and communication realm. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned agencies such as Ogilvy, JWT, Lowe, Y&R, Hakuhodo, Leo Burnett, and Bozel, showcasing his ability to transform diverse brand needs into impactful and straightforward creative concepts. With a fundamental belief in simplicity, he has played a pivotal role in the growth of brands across various categories, including Epson, Nissin, Citizen, Wipro, Infosys, Krispy Kreme, ID fresh foods, Van Heusen, Fossil, Tanishq, and many others. His expertise lies in crafting creative strategies and constructing brand narratives, both in traditional and digital communication spaces.

He draws inspiration from observing people and real-life incidents. His ideas have the remarkable quality of resonating with everyone, evoking a palpable sense of excitement.


Michael Wong

Film Director, Creative Director and Producer, Michael Wong Films

Michael Wong is as an independent film director, creative director and producer.

With a record of over 50 creative awards in over a decade, Wong transitioned to film as a writer/director, making a splash with his directorial debut for Lenovo, a campaign reaching audiences from India to South East Asia, and several regions in between. His advertising career includes stints as art director, creative director, and executive creative director at top agencies like Ogilvy, BBDO, TBWA, Grey, and Saatchi & Saatchi. He has since been crafting compelling narratives for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Xiaomi, enhancing their appeal to consumers globally. His first foray into directing, the short film 'The Story of 90 Coins', has garnered over 70 honors from film festivals around the world.

He is a collaborative visionary skilled in transforming concepts into ideas, consistently focused on ensuring the work's appearance and essence remain innovative and engaging.


Maria Afroditi Patsi

Founder, AdvAge Advertising and NFT Cube Agency

Maria Afroditi Patsi is the founder of AdvAge and NFT Cube Agency based in Athens.

She possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and leads innovative campaigns that blend the artistic and technical realms. She currently excels as an Augmented Reality Engineer at Meta while pursuing her PhD in Computational Science and Engineering at MIT. With a multifaceted skill set, she balances roles across disciplines: a designer shaping visual narratives, a developer crafting code in the twilight hours, a poet weaving words at dusk, and a marketer strategizing brand engagements by daylight.

Her creations have received international recognition, showcased in renowned design museums and art galleries around the world. Her influence extends beyond exhibitions, as her distinctive style and artistic vision have set new benchmarks for innovation and aesthetics in the art community. Her contributions to the field have elevated her status as an artist and shaped contemporary design discourse.


Jurij Plavnik

CEO and Creative Director, F4F Creative Factory

Jurij Plavnik is the founder, chief executive officer of F4F Creative Factory.

With over 20 years of experience, Plavnik assumes a central role in driving the agency's vision and strategy across branding, graphic design, web design, and advertising. His leadership is not only executive but also deeply involved in directing the creative processes of the agency. With a portfolio boasting international clients such as Castelli Cycling, Lumberjack, Calzedonia, Spalding, and more, Plavnik brings a wealth of experience in delivering innovative solutions and solidifying the agency's standing in the realms of advertising and web design. Under his guidance, the agency has demonstrated its prowess in catering to the diverse needs of global clientele.

Leveraging his expertise, he has collaborated with esteemed brands such as Castelli Cycling, Lumberjack, Calzedonia, Spalding, and many others. His outstanding work has not only garnered recognition from these industry leaders but has also earned him prestigious awards.

United States

Greg Abel

Founder, Tailfin

Greg Abel is the founder of renowned creative services agency, Tailfin.

Abel’s launched his career in advertising at McCann-Erickson and Fitzgerald+Co in Atlanta, before transitioning to the digital space. He joined the digital marketing consultancy, US Web/CKS (later marchFIRST), where he contributed to developing digital strategies and online user experiences for various consumer brands. His role as a founder of a creative service agency has been instrumental in bringing together a team of skilled professionals and driving the agency's creative endeavors. His visionary leadership and entrepreneurial acumen have played a pivotal role in the agency's growth and success.

He has been developing Tailfin into an agency with the capacity to provide a broad spectrum of marketing services, including brand strategy and both traditional and digital marketing capabilities. His expertise spans various areas, such as brand development, communications strategy, creative brand creation, communications execution, advertising, digital media, web design and promotion.

United States

Pantawit Kiangsiri

Film Composer, Pantawit Music Production Corp

Pantawit Kiangsiri, a talented composer from Thailand, has created music for a range of mediums such as films, television, video games, and concert halls.

Kiangsiri is presently engaged in composing the score for the inaugural science fiction feature film by China Film Group. His extensive career includes composing music for major entities like Warner Brothers, Netflix, Digital Domain, Sony, and Vevo. A graduate of the University of Southern California's Scoring for Motion and Television Program, Kiangsiri refined his craft under the mentorship of esteemed composers Bruce Broughton and Christopher Young.

With experience in creating musical scores for more than 60 projects, Kiangsiri's portfolio spans theatrically released feature films, TV series, animations, commercials, and video games. Additionally, he possesses a deep understanding of the audio aspects of media productions, demonstrating a keen ability to identify and apply creative audio techniques, music, and film editing effectively.

United States

Fred Lebhart

Agency Founder and CEO, efelle creative

Fred Lebhart is the agency founder and chief executive officer of efelle creative, a digital marketing firm and comes equipped with over 18 years of experience.

He has successfully launched startups and advised numerous companies on effective eCommerce-focused digital marketing strategies. Lebhart’s goal is to position efelle as a leader in the digital marketing industry using its unique SaaS platform, FusionCMS, which empowers it to create and manage stunning websites and eCommerce platforms that drive traffic, conversions, and customer retention. As a testament to the effectiveness of his approach, the company has proudly garnered over 150 national and international awards, solidifying its reputation for excellence in web design and development.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, he has solidified his reputation as a leading authority in the digital marketing landscape, and his determination continues to be a source of inspiration for both peers and newcomers to the field.


Ulf Westmark-Højelsen

Creative Director and Partner, TBWA\Copenhagen

Ulf Westmark-Højelsen brings two decades of expertise from prominent network agencies like Saatchi, BBDO, and Leo Burnett. He currently holds the position of partner and creative director at Connected, a local, independent agency.

His ambition is to produce outstanding creative work, be it digital, analog, or a combination of both, that captures attention, fosters brand preference, and shifts market shares. He is a proponent of the idea that exceptional work originates from a solid, insight-based strategy, coupled with the creative capacity to highlight the technical or emotional advantages of a brand or product. This involves crafting messages in a smart, captivating, disruptive, and pertinent manner across any media platform.

Westmark-Højelsen is dedicated to creating advertising that not only stands out creatively but also strategically drives brand growth and market share movement. His commitment to merging deep market insights with innovative, media-spanning execution reflects his dedication to marketing excellence.

United Kingdom

Charlotte Weyer

Interaction Designer,

Charlotte Weyer is a skilled designer specializing in UX/UI and product design in Google and she operates from her base in London.

Under her guidance, the product team thrives, producing outstanding results and pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in their projects. Weyer excels as a mentor, demonstrating an unwavering enthusiasm for guiding and nurturing emerging talent. Her commitment to the team's growth and development is truly commendable, as she dedicates herself to ensuring they reach their full potential.

She leads their product team, understanding the dedication and time needed to bring ideas to fruition and her enthusiasm extends to recognizing and celebrating new advancements within the industry. Charlotte Weyer's dedication to mentorship events in the design field not only helps identify promising talent but also fosters a vibrant community of creativity and learning, which is further testament to her commitment to the industry's growth and development.

United States

Matt Weinberg

Co-Founder and President, Development and Technology, Happy Cog

Matt Weinberg is a founding partner who leads technology and development at Happy Cog, a comprehensive digital agency.

Weinberg brings over ten years of experience in crafting technological solutions for Happy Cog's clientele. He spearheads the Technology and Development team, overseeing the technical strategy, implementation, and delivery on every project. Renowned for integrating cutting-edge technology with practical tactics, Matt has developed everything from extensive publishing systems to bespoke e-commerce platforms. Recognized as an authority on e-commerce, PCI compliance, server infrastructure, and ExpressionEngine, he also shares his knowledge at international conferences.

He is a highly respected figure in his field, demonstrating profound expertise in developing sophisticated digital solutions that seamlessly marry innovation with functionality. His dedication is evident in his leadership role, where he ensures the excellence of his team's technical outputs and actively contributes to the broader tech community through speaking engagements and expert panels.


Chia-Hui Lien


Chia-Hui Lien adeptly juggles a trio of roles, serving as Creative Director at Yi Jia Visual Identity Design Co., Ltd, Director of Tung Fang Design University's Design Center, and holding the academic post of Assistant Professor in Arts and Crafts.

With over two decades of professional experience, her expertise spans various design disciplines, including brand design, graphic design, packaging design, book design, and exhibition visual design. Her diverse portfolio reflects her ability to tailor design solutions to a multitude of clients, showcasing her versatility as a highly skilled and adaptable creative professional.

Through her visionary leadership and expert artistic guidance, she has played a pivotal role in empowering her team to consistently produce cutting-edge and engaging designs. These designs not only stay true to the core identity and objectives of each brand but also have a remarkable ability to resonate with and capture the attention of diverse audiences.

United States

Scott Rutherford

Vice President of Marketing, Axiom Learning Solutions

Scott Rutherford is a catalyst for transforming concepts into tangible improvements for businesses. With experience spanning publicly traded corporations, privately owned firms, and government entities in sectors such as business services and direct-to-consumer services, Scott excels as a problem-solver and entrepreneurial collaborator. He has a knack for devising innovative solutions to tackle challenges and for crafting products and initiatives that chase after or establish fresh opportunities.

Throughout his journey, Rutherford has honed his expertise in leading marketing teams, harnessing marketing technologies, forging and overseeing strategic alliances, and steering business strategies that sift through the noise to prioritize what truly matters.

Above all, he excels in a field where success is gauged by empowering others to attain their goals. The pursuit of knowledge is an incredibly fulfilling and thriving endeavor. His unwavering dedication to fostering growth and facilitating success sets Scott apart in the business world.

South Africa

Robyn Hobson

Head of Sales and Marketing, Mobile Guardian

Robyn Hobson holds the reins as Head of Sales and Marketing at Mobile Guardian, an international company specializing in mobile device management for education via SaaS. She commands the sales and marketing divisions across various countries, including South Africa, the UK, and Spain, and is a key member of the executive leadership team.

In her earlier career, Hobson was an early team member of a rapidly expanding mobile tech startup that achieved a lucrative acquisition. She leveraged this experience to found a digital marketing agency advising top-tier clients, including a leading African lifestyle retailer. She also pioneered Woolworths' Social Media strategy, engaging a vast African online community.

With an MBA from UCT and 12 years in marketing, her excellence hasn't gone unnoticed. Under her wing, Mobile Guardian was a B2B Marketing Excellence finalist and starred in an case study.

United States

Shangning Wang

Design Project Specialist at UNDP, United Nations Children's Fund

Shangning Wang is a New York-based award-winning graphic designer, illustrator, and all-around creative. He focuses on commercial art, typography, illustration, branding, and poster art.

In the past few years, he also received more than twenty global awards for his work. His works were exhibited in many cities around the world. His design works have been published in many design magazines and featured on more than thirty graphic design blogs. His work has currently been featured by the Adobe InDesign 2020 as the Splash Screen.

Wang's passion for design is unwavering, driving him to continuously push creative boundaries and explore new artistic horizons. His dedication to the craft is evident in the more than twenty global awards he has earned, showcasing his commitment to excellence. With a firm belief that good design has the power to make a positive impact on the world, he infuses his work with boundless enthusiasm, dreams, and love.


Wojtek Jezowski

CEO and Creative Director, Black Rabbit

Wojtek Jezowski, with over 15 years of expertise in the film and television sectors, is a notable individual in the industry. For the last six years, he has served as the CEO and Creative Director at Black Rabbit, a video content agency. This agency has achieved numerous accolades for its innovative productions, notably "2020: The Series," recognized as the first corporate science fiction web series.

Jezowski plays a crucial role in steering the company's strategic vision while also fostering a creative environment that pushes the boundaries of digital storytelling. His leadership not only drives business growth but also ensures that the agency's productions are innovative, engaging, and effectively convey clients' messages in a dynamic media landscape.

His passion for storytelling is evident in every project he undertakes, reflecting a deep commitment to elevating the art of digital media. His dedication is showcased through his relentless pursuit of creative excellence.

United States

Scott Berry

President, MarketCrest, LLC

Scott Berry has more than a decade of experience as a Senior Executive/Officer in billion-dollar Print Marketing and Direct Mail companies.

He is also the President of a full-service digital marketing agency, MarketCrest, LLC. His perspective comes from a traditional print, direct mail, and digital marketing background. As President of MarketCrest, he constantly evaluates the agency’s work to ensure it’s ready for clients and represents best-in-class deliverables. His team has won both national and international marketing awards including a Vega, Global Trend, and Muse.

Scott admires creative people and enjoys recognizing exceptional marketing efforts and results. He is a bit of an adrenaline junkie having traveled the globe, jumped from planes, and scuba-dived in countless countries (he is a professional Divemaster and Assistant Instructor).


Dmitry Ivanov

Head of Production & Design, BBDO Group

Dmitry Ivanov holds the position of Head of Production & Design at Proximity Russia and serves as a jury member for prestigious awards like The Webby and The FWA.

With 8 years of expertise in digital production and advertising, Ivanov has been actively involved as an interactive producer and leader of production teams. He has contributed to a diverse range of digital projects, encompassing promotional campaigns, e-commerce platforms, corporate websites, mobile applications, rich media content, augmented reality experiences, and gaming initiatives. Some of these projects have received recognition through esteemed awards.

Currently, he leads a team within the digital hub of BBDO Group Russia, overseeing the production of national promotional campaigns and providing digital support for notable clients including Visa, Google, Leroy Merlin, Bacardi, Mars, and many others. Ivanov's unwavering dedication to the field of digital production and advertising is exemplified by his continuous pursuit of excellence and his commitment to delivering outstanding results.


Kadambari Sahu

Founder and Senior Vice President - Design, Differences Collective and ValueLabs

Kadambari Sahu is the senior vice president of design in ValueLabs.

As the founder of Sniffing out the Differences Collective, she initiated the project with a grant from the Prince Claus Fund and British Council, focusing on exploring storytelling through multisensory installations, particularly emphasizing smell interactions. Her expertise lies in establishing, expanding, coaching, and guiding high-performance design teams from their inception. By instilling design thinking in organizations and businesses, she cultivates a design culture for a comprehensive strategy and customer experience. Engaging in both tangible and intangible aspects of design, she breaks down barriers between physical, digital, and service design, creating a seamless experience across media, devices, touchpoints, cultures, and geographies. Her clientele spans North America, Europe, and Australia, showcasing her global impact in the field of design.

Recipient of numerous design accolades, Sahu stands as an esteemed international speaker, delivering talks at renowned design conference.

Costa Rica

Oscar Solano Brenes

Executive Creative and Digital Director, Porter Novelli

Oscar Solano Brenes is the Chief Creative Officer for the strategic-creative firm, Porter Novelli.

He is a general leader of the creative and digital unit for the region of Central America, Mexico, Caribbean, Ecuador, and Peru; a believer in data-driven creativity, measurement, and innovation through 13 years of experience with global and regional brands such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, BMW, Toyota, American Express, Samsung, Netflix and more!

He is an advertising, marketing, and strategy professional with experience as a senior strategic trigger in creative, digital, and media agencies with experience in strategic planning, content strategy, detection of opportunities, social media, branding, data-driven strategy, and creativity. Brenes is passionate about reading cultural behaviors and transforming them into business opportunities. He is also a faithful follower of data and its implementation in communication and performance strategies. He has had experience leading planning, digital and creative units at firms such as DDB, Havas, Findasense, and Ketchum.

United States

Meelad Al-Arashi

Award-Winning Creative Branding Expert , Kreative Partners & Company

United States

Harish Srigiriraju

Distinguished Engineer, Verizon

Harish Srigiriraju holds the esteemed position of Distinguished Engineer at the renowned company, Verizon.

Srigiriraju has overseen teams in the development of a diverse array of products, encompassing investment platforms, collaborative software, information kiosks, ERP systems, inventory management tools, e-commerce websites, volunteer applications, cancer kits, digital media platforms, and hiring management solutions. His role at Verizon revolves around harnessing data for the enhancement of software products and spearheading the conception of innovative product concepts.

In his realm of technical proficiency, Srigiriraju demonstrates a deep mastery of SQL, API Management, and data operations. Furthermore, his expertise in product management extends to agile development, usability testing, A/B Testing, data analytics, machine learning, product launch, and a notable aptitude for driving innovative new product concepts. He significantly contributes to the industry by continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and product management, infusing innovation and a wealth of knowledge into each project he undertakes.

United States

Kyle Johnson

Principal/Creative Director, BlkMrkt. Cr8tiv Labs and PLOY Magazine

Kyle Johnson holds the positions of Principal and Creative at B+CR8/BlkMrkt. He is an innovator, brand builder, problem solver, and a collaborator at Cr8tiv Labs.

Johnson assumes a pivotal role in steering the strategic direction and visual identity of client projects. His innovative approach and problem-solving acumen contribute to the development of impactful and distinctive brand solutions. Johnson's leadership ensures a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and results in successful branding initiatives for diverse clients. He is also founding editor, brand manager and strategy director of PLOY Magazine an independent fashion and lifestyle magazine mixing art, fashion and music. Kyle helps clients understand complex ideas, motivates them to action, and cooperates with media outlets to carry out successful strategies.

Leveraging his deep passion for meaningful and high-quality design, he skillfully provides constructive criticism and valuable advice where needed, showcasing his proficiency and effectiveness in his role.


Alessandro Beda

Marketing Director and International Retail & FMCG Executive, Delikatesy Centrum

Alessandro Beda specializes in International Retail, FMCG, a digital transformation expert, a multidisciplinary designer and accomplished marketing director at Delikatesy Centrum with over two decades of expertise.

He is also a Data Science Specialist who employs human-centered design as a primary approach for driving business transformation and fostering innovation. Before his tenure at PwC, he held the position of Chief Design Officer at Vershold Group, a Chinese integrated supply chain company operating in 13 countries. In this role, he led a team responsible for product development, branding, packaging, and in-store communication.

In his role as Executive Creative Director/Managing Partner at Duda Polska, Beda oversees all aspects related to Jerónimo Martins (Pingo Doce and Biedronka), including omnichannel strategy, customer experience, and communication. Prior to this, he gained experience working at agencies such as FCB, McCann, and Newcomm Bates.



Founder and Executive Creative Director , Clim Studio

Clim serves as both the founder and the executive creative director at Clim Studio, operating from the dynamic creative hubs of Barcelona and New York City.

He initially focused on creating visually striking and elegant motion graphics, gaining recognition for his seamless and graceful animation techniques. As a co-founder of Sebas and Clim studio, his journey led him to assume roles as an Art and Creative Director. Eventually, he transitioned into a solo director, specializing in mixed media for films and commercials.

Hailing from Barcelona, he boasts a rich background of over a decade in the industry with vibrant and dynamic portfolio encompasses a range of projects for global clients, including Facebook, Google, Spotify, BBC, and Sagmeister & Walsh, to name a few. What sets Clim apart is his distinctive approach, characterized by work that appears deceptively simple yet brims with his signature humor and flair.

United States

Mike Van Linda

Group Creative Director, Wolfgang L.A.

Mike Van Linda is a group creative director of Wolfgang LA.

With more than 15 years in the industry, he has served at acclaimed agencies including 180LA, 72andSunny, The Martin Agency, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Beyond spearheading creative initiatives for Honda, he supervises pro bono projects for organizations like the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. His work with the latter led to the Imaginary Friend Society, a two-year endeavor producing animated films to demystify cancer for children. These films are now a staple in top pediatric cancer hospitals globally and have been translated into multiple languages.

He has garnered acclaim from institutions such as Cannes, One Show, and Clio, highlighting his expertise in the field. It earned him recognition from the Art Director’s Club among other notable entities. His dedication and skill were acknowledged in 2018 when he was selected for Adweek 100 list.

United States

Yeon Yoon

Art Director, Amazon

Yeon Yoon, based in Los Angeles, is a creative professional working as an Art Director at Amazon, where he leads a variety of global campaigns and marketing projects.

His career started at Elephant, a fast-expanding digital agency, where he worked as an Art Director on projects for clients like Apple, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, and Comcast. Afterward, he relocated to Los Angeles to join Grey West, contributing to campaigns for Amazon, AWS, and Hasbro. Subsequently, Yoon took up a role at Snap Inc., where he concentrated on incorporating Augmented Reality into branding and marketing strategies.

While studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he stood out as a highly awarded student, garnering numerous accolades. His dedication to his craft is exemplified by his progressive career trajectory, moving from roles in dynamic agencies to leading significant projects at Amazon, all driven by his commitment to excellence in art direction and design.

United States

Kushal Birari

Creative, Mother New York

Kushal Birari is a creative at Mother, one of the world’s most respected, independent creative companies.

Having worked in five prominent cities across three continents, he has made a significant impact through his art direction and design. He has left an indelible mark on numerous international brands, including OREO, MINI Cooper, Make in India, FIFA, Bosch, Instagram, and more. His recent noteworthy contribution to the OREO Pride campaign has garnered widespread attention, resonating with diverse communities globally and earning recognition through various national and international accolades. Birari excels in creative direction, advertising, ideas development, art direction, and creative strategy, showcasing a comprehensive skill set in the realm of visual communication and strategic brand development.

His proficiency in his role is evident through the impactful influence he has wielded on major international brands, demonstrating a keen understanding of art direction and design and His ability to resonate with diverse audiences.


Nikolina Popovic


Nikolina Popovic is a lecturer at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan.

Popovic was a seasoned creative director with over 15 years of experience, specializing in the development of comprehensive marketing campaigns, re-branding initiatives, and design strategies for corporate identities. She is also skilled in storytelling and effective team management. Her expertise is complemented by her exceptional ability to collaborate across cultures and deliver compelling presentations, honed through her academic teaching background. Throughout her career, she has cultivated her professional journey within renowned networks such as Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Grey, and Havas, gaining exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives. She possesses expertise in various aspects of creative direction, encompassing concept creation, team leadership, art direction, brand development, identity design, creative problem-solving, digital media, and strategic creative planning.

Her unwavering commitment to her profession is evident in her continuous pursuit of excellence and dedication to delivering outstanding results.


James Leal-Valias

Creative Director, Critical Mass

James Leal-Valias is the group creative director of Critical Mass that provides a full-service digital capability for renowned brands.

With two decades of expertise in interactive design, advertising, and film, he currently serves as a group creative director, guiding extensive global design teams at iStock, Getty Images, and Critical Mass. Leal-Valias shapes and implements innovative strategies for integrated brand marketing and excels at balancing strategic vision with hands-on involvement, contributing significantly to the agency's success in the dynamic digital landscape. His areas of focus encompass integrated brand marketing strategies, interactive design, user experience design, online and traditional advertising, demand generation, as well as social and emerging media. Furthermore, his expertise encompasses navigating the landscape of social and emerging media, allowing him to integrate these channels effectively into the agency's creative endeavors.

He has presented at various conferences, including events such as nextMedia and the HOW Design Conference.


Guilherme Ferreira

CEO and Co-Founder, Atom 6

Guilherme Ferreira is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Atom 6, a UI/UX design studio.

With a deep passion for innovation and over 16 years of global experience as a UX/UI Designer, Ferreira has played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience for millions worldwide. His projects have made a significant impact across a diverse range of industries, benefiting both promising start-ups like BuildFire, CrewHu, and Plannista, as well as prominent corporations such as Mercedes-Benz and AGCO. He also led the development of the security project deployed during the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

He is acclaimed for his design work on products for Google, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Samsung, and more than 300 startup ventures. Additionally, he delivered a keynote address at the "Inside the Mind of the Brilliant Designers 2017" conference, hosted by General Assembly in San Francisco, CA.

United Kingdom

Gareth Leeding

Global Chief Strategy Officer, Livewire

Gareth Leeding holds the position of Global Chief Strategy Officer at the renowned company, Livewire.

In his capacity as Global Chief Strategy Officer at Livewire, Leeding has a pivotal role in propelling global brands into the expansive gaming arena, which boasts a staggering audience of more than 3 billion individuals. His role involves devising strategic initiatives that enable brands to effectively tap into this dynamic gaming ecosystem, fostering brand growth and engagement in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Furthermore, he is a well-recognized speaker in the industry on a global scale, having delivered keynote addresses at major events such as AdWeek, D&AD, Festival of Marketing, Social Media Week, and Mumbrella360. His distinctive "culture-first" approach to creativity has led to over 60 prestigious awards for pioneering campaigns spanning digital, social, gaming, and mixed reality, collaborating with renowned brands including Activision, adidas, Google, Guinness, Lego, Pepsi, Snapchat, Uber, and others.

United States

Paulo Cunha

President, SeatGeek

Paulo Cunha holds the position of President of Consumer at SeatGeek, an internet-based platform that specializes in the sale of tickets for a variety of live events including sports, concerts, theater, and more.

He worked for 8 years at Expedia Group where he served as Vice-President & Global Head of Growth Marketing. He managed an extensive digital marketing budget, encompassing hundreds of millions of dollars across various channels including search, social media, online display, app marketing, and digital video. His career included being a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, heading the portfolio operations team for a private equity fund, and holding a position as an associate professor of management at Nova University Lisbon.

Cunha earned his PhD in management from Tilburg University and holds a BA in business administration from Universidade Catolica Portuguesa. Additionally, Paulo is an active Executive Member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.


Mohsen Arjang

Digital Marketing Manager and Business Consultant, EBmedia Corp.

Mohsen Arjang is an experienced Digital Marketing Manager and Business Consultant, skilled in Marketing and Branding. He currently holds the position of Business Development Manager at EBmedia, where he has showcased his proficiency in digital marketing, branding, business strategy, and advertising.

Arjang has played a key role in numerous successful projects, with his skills covering areas such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and online advertising. He has also translated two notable books, "Digital Marketing Wrench" and "Please be different!", demonstrating his commitment to keeping abreast of the latest developments and effective strategies in digital marketing.

He brings his vast experience, keen business insight, and enthusiasm for digital marketing to acknowledge and honor outstanding accomplishments in the industry. His capability to evaluate marketing strategies, comprehend the significance of branding, and offer strategic advice guarantees a thorough and informed evaluation of the entries.

United States

Christine David

Founder and Director, Chriss David & Associates

Christine David, the founder and director of Chriss David & Associates, is a seasoned business and higher education consultant with an experience spanning over two decades in the realms of integrated marketing and advertising.

She has spearheaded countless successful marketing brand campaigns for both Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations, both locally and internationally. With a diverse background as an award-winning designer, esteemed professor, and department director in higher education, David has earned national recognition. Her illustrious clientele includes prominent names such as The Florida Justice Association, Harley-Davidson, as well as educational institutions, law firms, medical professionals, Grammy-nominated artist Beverly McClellan, Prince Andrew's Foundation, the Dalai Lama, and the United Nations, among many others.

She has been actively involved in her community, holding positions on various boards in Martin County, Florida. She is dedicated to helping her clients make a positive difference through their communication efforts.


Leonardo Zakour

Co-Founder and CEO, Refokus

Leonardo Zakour is an Argentine Product Designer currently living in Hamburg, Germany. After getting his degree in Graphic Design, he worked as a freelance branding and interaction designer with various international brands and agencies. In 2009 he founded BONS, a digital agency working with startups and forward-thinking companies to build amazing digital products.

For the past eight years, Zakour has been building new products of his own and helping entrepreneurs build successful startups. He is a full-stack Product Designer, capable of taking concepts and ideas all the way to high-quality finished products.

He is passionate about UI/UX and technology. If not at his desk, you can find him in conferences and meetups around the world. He is highly focused on quality and innovation, always searching for new and exciting products that solve real problems and give great value to the user.


Victor Gutierrez de Tena

Chief Strategy Officer, MediaCom

Victor Gutierrez de Tena holds a prominent position within Havas Media Barcelona as a member of the Executive Committee and serves as the agency's Strategic Leader. His overarching vision is to transform the realms of communication and business by constructing solutions grounded in four fundamental pillars: contextual relevance, alignment with business objectives and brand identity, addressing consumer needs, and crafting a media mix that seamlessly integrates both new and traditional media based on factors like affinity, reach, and influence.

His department's primary mission is to collaborate closely with various departments, including Creativity, Research, Data & Analytics, and Media, to enrich the overall strategic outlook. His objective is to guide brands in adapting to the evolving economic landscape.

de Tena extensive experience in both media and creative agencies equips him with a comprehensive skill set that encompasses various facets such as metrics, KPIs, research methodologies, targeted approaches, digital communication, media planning, branding, strategy development, innovation, business acumen, marketing planning, new media, and leadership.


Ronn Lee

Creative Partner, BEAMY

Ronn Lee is a versatile brand and design expert with two decades of experience in the field, spearheading projects in concept development, branding, graphic design, interactive media, and product innovation across various sectors.

As the co-founder and creative lead of BEAMY, a creative and branding agency with its main office in Shanghai and additional locations in Singapore and New York, she has showcased remarkable initiative. Her journey took her from Singapore to Shanghai, where she was inspired by the growing demand for creative and branding services in China, leading to the establishment of BEAMY. Before her time in Shanghai, Ronn served as an Art Director in Tokyo. Her professional path through Singapore, Japan, and China has provided her with a deep understanding of diverse work cultures and design approaches.

Ronn's contributions to the field have been recognized with over 100 international awards for design and creativity.


Zhou Wen Jun

Founder and Design Director, 524 STUDIO ® / NGISED.DESIGN ® / Zhou Wen Jun ® Design

Zhou Wen Jun is a renowned designer and an esteemed global awards adjudicator with over two decades of professional expertise in the realms of architecture, creativity, and design. He firmly upholds a design philosophy encapsulated by the mantra: "Everything is Design, Design for Everything! Better Design equals Better Life, Better Quality & Better Business."

Jun plays a pivotal role in shaping the creative direction and vision of his endeavors. His extensive experience spanning over 20 years in the architecture, creative, and design industry positions him as a guiding force in driving innovative and impactful design solutions. He instills a sense of purpose and excellence into every aspect of his work, ultimately contributing to better quality, enhanced lifestyles, and prosperous businesses.

Jun’s remarkable contributions to the field have garnered numerous prestigious international awards and accolades, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication. His distinguished achievements include, but are not limited to, the following:

United States

Jules Mercado


With over a decade of experience as a graphic designer, Jules Mercado is the sole creator behind, having personally designed every aspect of the website.

Notably, Mercado's stands out as the top-ranked website in its category across all major search engines. This comprehensive PSD Template site boasts an impressive array of design resources, including Flyers, Mixtapes, DJ Business Cards, and Banners. Moreover, he generously provides a wealth of free PSDs, offering valuable support to fellow designers.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Mercado brings a seasoned perspective, enabling him to not only showcase his own creations but also to offer insightful critiques of other designers' work. His dedication to the craft extends further, as evidenced by over a decade of experience, allowing him not only to create outstanding designs but also to offer constructive critiques, contributing positively to the design community.


Jimmy Landaburu

Digital Creative Director, Ludikom

Jimmy Landaburu holds the position of Creative Director at Ludikom, engages in Digital Consulting at PRESS NETWORK, and serves as the Founder of Bross Studio.

Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of working with some of Ecuador's leading agencies, including Maruri Grey, Norlop JWT, Lowe, and Y&R. Landaburu’s professional journey also led him to internships at renowned agencies such as Agulla & Baccetti, Y&R in Argentina, and Grey Brasil.

He has been invited by The One Club to serve as a Mentor for the Creative Bootcamp in New York hosted by Wunderman and the Creative Bootcamp in London hosted by Wieden + Kennedy. Furthermore, he has been selected to participate as a judge in some of the most prestigious advertising festivals worldwide. His dedication to the field of advertising is exemplified by his extensive experience, continuous pursuit of creative excellence, and active involvement in judging at prestigious industry events.


Liliana Farinha

COO, WYcreative

In the realm of digital marketing, Liliana Farinha stands as the Chief Operating Officer at WYcreative, backed by a decade of experience.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Farinha's responsibilities encompass overseeing social media and web advertising initiatives, as well as managing complex website projects from specifications to implementation, among other communication assignments. Her portfolio features clients including NOVO BANCO, REN, Minipreço, Pestana Group, FOX International Channels, The Navigator Company, Casa da Música, Honda, MSD, Zippy, NOWO, BFA, LACS, L'Oréal, Sogrape Vinhos, Bayer, and more.

Her role is characterized by an unparalleled commitment to the digital sphere, a deep-seated passion for project management, and a unique talent for orchestrating teams. This combination of dedication and her innate ability to guide projects and lead teams stands as a powerful force behind the organization's achievements. Her determination is a driving ethos that fuels her quest for excellence.

United States

Chloe Fan

CEO and Co-founder, design with FRANK

Chloe Fan serves as the Co-founder and CEO of FRANK, an AI-driven design software that empowers users to effortlessly craft their dream homes through automated architectural drawings.

Fan takes the helm of the organization, shaping its strategic direction, managing various departments, and overseeing senior executives. She plays a key role in financial management, driving innovation, spearheading business development efforts, and fostering strong customer relationships.

Her graduation projects were exhibited in New York and Santiago de Chile. She also worked on major museum projects, including the Grand Canal Museum and the Tesoro di Dan Gennaro Museum, with her work displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2018. In that year, she designed and unveiled a large-scale 3D printer at the Venice Architecture Biennale, including her invention, the "Instant Lounge," a real-time furniture 3D printer.


Olivier Hero Dressen

Owner, Director, Writer, Producer and Photographer, Studio Supreme |

Olivier Hero Dressen, owner of Studio Supreme, is an acclaimed director, writer, producer, photographer, and cinematographer.

His extensive media experience spans across various global locations, encompassing a diverse range of areas and mediums. Dressen has a deep passion for all forms of art and design. His notable work includes creative directorial collaborations with renowned figures like Kobe Bryant and Sophie Marceau, as well as engagements with numerous European and Asian celebrities. His latest short film, "The Passport," has garnered 59 international nominations and secured sixteen awards, including best short drama, best short film, best foreign director, best director, best actor, and best thriller, among others. In addition to his creative endeavors, Olivier has worked with major brands like Converse, Nike, Porsche, and Elle magazine.

Dressen demonstrates a profound commitment to artistic excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of storytelling through his versatile roles in the media industry.

United Kingdom

Andrea Foresi

Associate Creative Director, Media.Monks London

Andrea Foresi holds the position of Associate Creative Director at Media.Monks London, where he excels in offering creative guidance, art direction, and conceptual development expertise.

Throughout his career, Foresi has continually honed his forward-thinking, tech-driven approach, remaining at the forefront of innovation, particularly within the digital landscape. He places great emphasis on gaining a comprehensive understanding of each client's specific challenges, allowing him to develop bespoke and highly effective solutions. This unwavering dedication underscores his mission to cultivate creativity and disruption, all while bolstering brand visibility and delivering on customer satisfaction.

He has amassed a wealth of experience with a diverse range of global and independent agencies, such as Publicis Milan and Wunderman UK. Throughout his career, he has tackled significant challenges for numerous major brands, including BMW, Bentley, Renault, Microsoft, Heineken, Shell, and GSK.


Hao Shan

Founder, Cre+ Design

Hao Shan, the founder of Creplus Design Studio, established the studio in 2009. He currently holds the position of Director in the Department of Visual Communication at the School of Art, Design & Media within East China University of Science and Technology.

With a background in both Eastern and Western design education, extensive experience in design and management roles within leading French international design firms, and a wealth of hands-on involvement in international brand design projects, including L'Oréal, Garnier, Nike, SFR, Dassault, Renault, Citroën, Club Med, Nestlé, PMU, Disney, Bank of Communication, and more, Hao Shan's designs have garnered numerous international accolades.

Shan's reputation in the design art industry is a testament to his dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence. His extensive experience, creative vision, and contributions to international brand design projects have not only earned him recognition but have also left an indelible mark on the field.

United Arab Emirates

Vladimer Botsvadze

Advisory Board Member, United States Artificial Intelligence Institute

Vladimer Botsvadze is an advisory board member at the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute, globally recognized for his expertise in digital transformation, social media influence, and as a distinguished keynote speaker, with over 15 years of international experience.

Botsvadze instigates transformation, fosters expansion, and elevates brands to prominent positions and his keynote presentations focus on his accomplishments in the realm of social media, while his marketing methodologies establish a solid framework for achieving success. He aids high-achievers in reaching their growth targets and equips organizations to adopt fresh perspectives.

He is recognized as a top-rated global technology speaker, having been invited to speak at renowned events like Startup Grind, Digital Talk Forum, AI Conversational Summit, and the Global Marketing Summit. His presentation at the Global Marketing Summit drew an extensive audience of 50,000+ participants spanning 143 countries and he has also received awards and featured in prominent magazines.

United States

Matthew Smith

CEO, Editor-in-Chief and Author, Modmacro, Inc.

Matthew Smith is the chief executive officer of Modmacro, an award-winning web design and marketing firm, the editor-in-chief of Businessing Magazine and an author.

Smith, an engineer by training, has dedicated over ten years to software and marketing for small businesses. As the founder of Modmacro in 2010, he serves as CEO, steering the company's direction while being deeply engaged with client projects every day. His firm has successfully delivered more than 1,400 digital marketing projects in collaboration with small business and nonprofit clients.

Smith seeks to challenge conventional thinking and established digital marketing strategies. His approach eschews one-size-fits-all solutions in favor of tailored marketing and public relations tactics. He is committed to rigorous research, opting for methods that yield the highest returns specific to the business, industry, and budget. Smith is a firm advocate for formal education, holding degrees in Business Information Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, among others.

United States

DJ Summitt

Founder and Art Director, Summitt FilmWorks

DJ Summitt is the visionary founder of SummittFilmWorks, boasting an impressive record of awards and recognition as an art director.

Positioned at the intersection of different generations and spanning across diverse nations, Summitt skillfully combines cutting-edge methods, established design principles, a rigorous approach, global expertise, and a touch of that unique "x-factor" to propel his clients' projects and products beyond the confines of the screen and seamlessly integrate them into the lives of their audience.

His adaptability is underpinned by a strong technological acumen, boasting proficiency in Adobe CC, Avid, and Salesforce. Summitt exhibist a comprehensive grasp of industry best practices in UI/UX, SEO, mobile design, and HTML/CSS. His innovative spirit shines through, as he thrives on tackling challenges and continuously generating fresh designs, solutions, and prospects both for themselves and their organization. They approach their work with unwavering dedication resulting in a consistent track record of achievements.

United States

Zizhu Zhao

Founder and CEO, Pantawit Music Production Corporation

Zizhu Zhao is the founder of Pantawit Music Production, where she serves as a music producer, music supervisor, pianist, and guzheng player. She holds a Master's degree in piano performance from USC.

Currently, she is involved in producing the score for China Film Group Corporation's first Chinese sci-fi film, scheduled for release later this year. Zhao's extensive production portfolio includes projects like Digital Domain's "Micro Giant," Warner Brother's new short film "LUNA," and contracting work for NETFLIX's "Chef's Table," among others. As a performer, she has delivered piano recitals in the United States, Italy, and China.

Recently, she collaborated with the prominent visual artist Refik Anadol, creating a unique blend of Chinese ancient culture with modern global technology. Her commitment to delivering exceptional scores for notable projects, including a groundbreaking Chinese sci-fi film, showcases her passion for pushing artistic boundaries.

United States

Shefik Macauley

Technical Lead, NBC Sports at NBCUniversal

Shefik Macauley, celebrating two decades of success in entertainment and technology, is a distinguished industry insider. He's appeared on MTV, SiriusXM, PBS, network TV, and in print media. His influence extends globally, with features on TRT World in Istanbul, Turkey.

He has held prominent positions at Fortune 500 companies and iconic brands like IBM, NBCUniversal, MTV World, Merck, Merriam-Webster, and Wolters Kluwer. With expertise in social media and a background as a Lead Architect and Senior Web Developer, he stays at the forefront of new media trends. His work in videography and production has been featured in broadcasts for TIME Magazine, The Washington Center, and others, and his photography has gained recognition in publications like Daily Mail (United Kingdom), Harvard Kennedy School Magazine and more.

Macauley serves as the Executive Producer and Host of the nationally-syndicated radio show "Shefik presents Invocation," which reaches audiences through broadcast on 21 terrestrial radio stations and frequencies across the United States.

United States

Vasile B Tiplea

Head of Design, Colgate-Palmolive

Vasile B. Tiplea is the visionary force driving the success of Creative27, serving as the esteemed Director of Product and Design with over a decade of industry expertise.

Under Tiplea's guidance, Creative27 has achieved global acclaim and has had the privilege of collaborating with Fortune 500 giants such as Samsung, BBC Worldwide, Westfield, BCBG Maxazria Group, US Cellular, Univision, and Meijers, among others.

Recently, Creative27 was bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Digital Agency for Innovation and App Design in California by The Corporate America Boardroomelite Twenty Sixteen. This esteemed recognition underscores the agency's outstanding achievements, innovation, and ethical practices in the business landscape, further solidifying his leadership in the field. His unwavering dedication to the field of mobile development and design is exemplified by his decade-long journey at Creative27. His relentless pursuit of excellence has not only propelled the agency to international acclaim but has also led to collaborations with industry giants.


Daniel da Hora


Daniel da Hora is a highly acclaimed graphic designer known for his numerous awards and achievements in the field. He wears multiple hats as a creative and art director, an innovator, an accomplished author, and a dedicated professor.

Considered one of the most influential figures of his generation, da Hora brings two decades of expertise to his name. Beyond his many contributions to the advertising, marketing, and design industries, he also thrives as a visual artist, showcasing his work in both group and solo exhibitions across countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, England, France, and the United States.

He is a dedicated leader and mentor, known for innovation and results-driven approaches. With extensive experience in managing complex creative projects from start to finish, he combines graphic design, art direction, product, and business insights, fostering creativity, technology, and innovation. He inspires individuals and teams, leading by example.


Jae Leong

Judging Committee Chairperson, International Awards Associate (IAA)

Jae Leong is the accomplished chairperson of IAA’s extensive judging committee.

As the chairperson, Leong assumes a leadership role, guiding the organization and spearheading initiatives to uphold quality and creative excellence in critical areas such as design, creative advertising, marketing communications, video production, and business. Additionally, she serves as a key award representative at IAA, consistently demonstrating success in overseeing assessments throughout her career.

She prioritizes the coordination of strategic arrangements among various jury panels, establishing herself as a standout figure in the industry. Demonstrating a keen sense of management, Leong has executed her role with precision, ensuring that each participant receives fair evaluations and unbiased assessments, underscoring the significance of integrity in maintaining the credibility of the judging outcomes. Furthermore, her collaboration with professionals globally has positioned her at the forefront of specialization, enabling the development of exceptional communication and relationship management skills.

United States

Matthew Fitz-Henry

Founder and CEO, Genome

Matthew Fitz-Henry is the founder and chief executive officer of Genome, an experiential digital innovation agency.

Before establishing Genome, Fitz-Henry served as the EVP/GM of HYFN, a digital agency startup that experienced remarkable growth. In his capacity at HYFN, he held responsibility for overseeing various aspects of the business with esteemed clients such as Google, Microsoft and more!

Before joining HYFN, he was the Digital Head at Disney Music Group. He had the responsibility for managing the digital business operations and content agreements for Hollywood Records, Lyric Street Records, and Walt Disney Records. These labels represented a roster of renowned artists such as The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Rascal Flatts and Selena Gomez. During his time at Disney, Matt also co-produced "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat: Disney Jazz, Vol 1," a compilation of Disney classics reinterpreted by jazz artists, including Grammy award-winning talents like Esperanza Spalding, Gil Goldstein and more!


Ishan Ghosh

Chairman and Chief Purpose Officer, Barrett and Welsh

In his role at Barrett and Walsh Inc., Ishan Ghosh is both Chairman (Emeritus) and Chief Purpose Officer.

Ghosh leads a team of innovative thinkers dedicated to growing their clients' businesses, revolutionizing their presence in the markets they serve, and providing them with a competitive advantage. With over three decades of experience as a marketing entrepreneur and a background in major network agencies like Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, and Lowe across multiple global markets, Ishan offers invaluable guidance to the agency's clients. He helps them realize the importance and significance of engaging with the Diversity and Inclusion market in Canada, emphasizing the extensive business opportunities it offers.

His impressive portfolio demonstrates his steadfast commitment to meeting his clients' needs excellently that exceeds expectations. His relentless work ethic and expertise in the field shine through in the myriad successful projects he's undertaken.

United States

Shakir Dzheyranov

Founder, Hello Robo

Shakir Dzheyranov, the founder of Hello Robo, established the company as a leading design partner renowned for assisting rapidly expanding businesses in addressing critical challenges through design solutions.

He plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's creative direction and strategic vision. His leadership and innovative approach drive the team to excel in delivering design solutions that address complex challenges for fast-growing businesses. Under his guidance, Hello Robo has earned recognition as a top-rated design partner, providing invaluable design-driven solutions to clients worldwide.

Dzheyranov distinguishes himself in the advertising industry with his distinct style and unwavering confidence, positioning him as a formidable presence. His impressive accolades include multiple award wins. In addition to his creative prowess, he boasts extensive experience in judging design competitions and conducting workshops. He continually inspires and empowers the team to push creative boundaries and deliver impactful solutions to clients.


Claudia Goergen

Managing Director, FILMUNIQUE Medienproduktion, GmbH

Claudia Goergen serves as the Managing Director of FILMUNIQUE Medienproduktion GmbH and boasts an extensive professional background spanning various media sectors.

With numerous years of professional experience in public relations, web development, and film production, Goergen has held pivotal roles within companies and contributed to various enterprises. Her expertise extends beyond recognizing the potential strengths of a campaign; she also possesses a discerning eye for identifying its shortcomings, whether related to feasibility or the ability to reach the intended target audiences. Her multifaceted experience equips her with a holistic understanding of media and communication.

She plays a vital role in establishing an atmosphere where every team member is encouraged to bring their distinct contributions, recognizing that this inclusive strategy is what drives innovation and the emergence of new concepts. The team excels at embracing individuality, promoting mutual respect, and nurturing trust among its members.


Diane Schulz

General Manager, Serviceplan Group

Diane Schulz boasts a 24-year advertising career and currently holds the position of General Manager at Serviceplan Group.

As a General Manager in the digital agency, she is at the helm of a dynamic team, guiding them through the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world. Her responsibilities extend to developing and executing digital strategies that drive online presence and engagement for clients. She ensures seamless project management, fosters innovation, and maintains a sharp focus on achieving results in the digital realm.

Schulz excels not only in her expertise but also in her ability to inspire and engage her team with infectious enthusiasm. Her reputation for clarity, dependability, and a sharp analytical acumen makes her an invaluable asset in steering her team's efforts towards shared goals, and her approach to teamwork is a perfect blend of fairness and good-natured camaraderie, creating an environment where collaboration thrives and collective achievements are celebrated.


Pancho Gonzalez

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Inbrax

Pancho Gonzalez is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Inbrax.

González, who studied advertising at the Universidad de Santiago in Chile and earned an MBA from the Berlin School at Steinbeis University in Germany, plays a significant role in shaping the creative industry. As the Chief Creative Officer at Inbrax Chile, a Board Member and Vice President at IAB Chile, and a member of the Marketing Circle at Icare, his influence extends across multiple facets of advertising and marketing. Additionally, his past experience as a board member of Achap (Chilean Advertising Association) underscores his comprehensive involvement and leadership in the field.

González has delivered speeches in various countries including Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Peru, and Chile. His global presence as a speaker demonstrates his commitment to sharing knowledge and insights in the field of advertising and marketing.


Francesco Milaneso

Executive Creative Director, Triplesense Reply

Francesco Milanesio is the accomplished executive creative director at Triplesense Reply.

Boasting over 15 years of experience, Milanesio assumes a pivotal role in shaping and directing the creative vision of the organization. His duties involve overseeing the creative team, establishing the artistic direction, and ensuring that all creative projects harmonize with the company's objectives and brand strategies. His expertise includes creating digital design, integrated communication, UI/UX, and the art of storytelling.

His adept leadership, passion in innovating solutions and creative mastery are the driving force behind the development of cutting-edge and prosperous campaign. He has expertly crafted comprehensive communication strategies, services, digital brand interactions, and content for a diverse array of global and local brands, including FCA, Ferrari, Google, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and Samsung. His proficiency in tailoring innovative solutions has consistently delivered exceptional results, leaving an indelible mark on these prominent brands and the industry itself.


Klaus Sommer Paulsen

CEO and Founder, AdventureLAB

Klaus Sommer Paulsen has been active on several boards for years, including Themed Entertainment Association’s EME Division and International Board of Directors, and is working with educational institutions developing and designing educational programs from PBAs to MBAs. Klaus has been working with storytelling and media for more than 30 years and digital multimedia and experience design since the mid-1990s.

He is the author of Integrated Storytelling by Design: Concepts, Principles and Methods for New Narrative Dimensions, published with Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group in 2021.

For numerous years, Paulsen has been engaged on various boards, such as the Themed Entertainment Association’s EME Division and International Board of Directors. He collaborates with educational institutions to create and design educational programs spanning from PBAs to MBAs. With over three decades of experience in storytelling and media, he has been involved in digital multimedia and experience design since the mid-1990s.

United Kingdom

Kate Tancred

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Untold Fable

Kate Tancred is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Untold Fable, global content production company.

Tancred spearheads strategic initiatives to drive innovation and growth in the dynamic media landscape. With a keen vision for content creation, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's direction, ensuring it remains at the forefront of industry trends. Tancred's leadership extends to fostering creative collaboration among diverse teams, both internally and with external partners, to deliver compelling and market-leading content. Leveraging his extensive industry experience, he navigates the complexities of content production, overseeing everything from ideation to execution. Under Tancred's guidance, the company thrives as a creative powerhouse, contributing significantly to the global media landscape.

Her dedication to her field of work is evident through her commitment to excellence, consistently striving for innovation and improvement in every project she undertakes. She demonstrates a tireless work ethic, showcasing her passion for her profession.


Aleksandr Tikhonov

Founder, Contorra Family

Aleksandr Tikhonov established Contorra, a web agency headquartered in Sochi.

In 2005, while residing in Ukraine, he embarked on his IT journey, initially working as a translator, rewriter, and copywriter. Over time, he progressed through roles in customer service, junior marketing, and business development. Then, in 2008, Aleksandr's passion for Drupal led to the establishment of Contorra, a web agency in Sochi. It started as a small, dedicated team that crafted some of Russia's most remarkable Drupal sites. Later, they honed their skills with Magento and WordPress, resulting in an impressive portfolio of 150 active customer websites by 2017, not to mention numerous logos and brand identities.

His commitment to staying abreast of industry developments and his passion for acquiring new skills have further enhanced his capabilities, making him more than capable to assess and make informed decisions in his adjudicatory role.

United Kingdom

Nick Ford-Young

Co-founder and Co-CEO, Boldspace

Nick Ford-Young, as the co-founder and co-CEO of Boldspace, leads a brand value agency. The agency focuses on enhancing your brand's significance, reputation, and value through strategic brand building, communications, and analytics.

Ford-Young possesses a wealth of experience in creating a diverse range of work, from brand consultancy to creative content, for some of the world's leading brands. He has traveled globally to produce award-winning work for clients like Cadillac, Bulgari, One & Only, Clinique, Diageo, American Airlines, and Barclays Wealth. He ensures that all work meets objectives clearly and concisely, driving excellence in his own work and across the agency. Additionally, his experience in running his own enterprise business gives him unique insights into the strategic needs of brands, both short-term and long-term.

He firmly holds the view that establishing cultural connections between a brand and its audience is essential for engaging with the audience and fostering long-term, enduring brand loyalty.

United States

Yaroslav Zubko

Founder, Zubko Studio

Throughout his career, Yaroslav Zubko has worked with a diverse range of clients, from large corporations to emerging startups across the globe, and recently led a product design team at Uptop, a company based in New York. He is currently leveraging technology to facilitate human connections in his role as a Product Designer at Tinder.

Zubko's passion for product design is evident in his continuous pursuit of innovative and user-centric solutions, constantly striving to enhance the user experience in the digital realm. His dedication is showcased in his meticulous approach to every project, from leading teams in New York to enhancing connection technology at Tinder. This commitment to excellence is further underscored by his numerous accolades and features in prestigious design platforms, reflecting his unwavering commitment to his craft.

He has earned numerous awards at and has been featured in interviews on esteemed. His work and reputation have gained recognition on design inspiration websites.


Alex Tan

President and Creative Director, NOKUA International

Alex Tan is the President and Creative Director of NOKUA International, a prestigious agency, with over a decade of experience in advertising agencies and in-house teams.

As President and Creative Director, Tan shapes the company's strategy, crafts its creative vision, and improves the user experience. He collaborates directly with clients to create meaningful experiences that inspire and elevate their brands and audience's lives.

Tan has spearheaded successful campaigns for global brands including Walt Disney Licensee, DreamWorks Production Licensee, Herbalife, Nu Skin, Cartivia, Avon, Singapore Expo, MPH Bookstores, Garnier, and more. He fosters a collaborative work environment at Nokua, driven by his passion for design and a culture that values work-life balance. With a strong emphasis on creative design, his aim is to produce visually appealing work that delivers the desired client results.

United States

Alex Mathias

Chief Operating Officer, Isadora Agency

Alex Mathias serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Isadora Agency, a prominent leader in the realm of enterprise digital transformations through web design.

In his capacity as Chief Operating Officer at Isadora Agency, he is responsible for driving strategic initiatives, managing marketing and online advertising, fostering new business development, and ensuring consistent performance. His oversight extends to the agency's marketing, advertising, SEO, and analytics functions, all of which are instrumental in the company's growth.

He has consistently shown his aptitude for working closely with executive teams to shape strategic decisions, leveraging his highly developed skills in analysis, organization, and leadership. Furthermore, he possesses extensive knowledge and proficiency in managing various aspects of digital infrastructure, including content management, email marketing, SEO optimization, and social media marketing, making him a valuable asset to the organization.


Pavel Kozlov

Founder, Designer, Writer, Peopleofdesign

Pavel Kozlov, based in Russia, is the founder of Peopleofdesign and co-founder of Radugadesign, specializing in graphic, web, UI, and fashion design.

As a co-founder with expertise in graphic, web, UI, and fashion design, Kozlov has a rich background in developing graphic designs specifically for restaurants and UI/web designs for banking systems. His experience extends to working with both retail and production companies, showcasing his versatility in the design field. Kozlov's exceptional designs have been recognized and exhibited at The Central House of Artists in Moscow, highlighting his significant contributions.

Kozlov's tenacity is evident in his persistent pursuit of innovative design solutions across various sectors, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. His unwavering dedication to his craft is reflected in the diverse range of successful projects he has spearheaded, from graphic design to fashion. Kozlov's resilience in overcoming challenges and adapting to the ever-evolving design landscape showcases his robust commitment to excellence.


Holger Koenig

CEO, Executive Producer and Consultant, KOENIGSFILM

Holger Koenig serves as the highly proficient Executive Producer at KOENIGSFILM and is also known for his roles as a consultant, lecturer, and engaging keynote speaker.

As the Executive Producer of KOENIGSFILM, Koenig leverages over two decades of experience in television and marketing film production. His extensive background equips him with the discerning ability to differentiate exceptional work from the ordinary. This invaluable expertise enables him to elevate the creative quality and effectiveness of the projects undertaken by KOENIGSFILM, ensuring that they stand out and exceed industry standards.

He is highly regarded as a captivating keynote speaker and lecturer with a profound understanding of storytelling. His ability to engage audiences and convey the art of storytelling has earned him a stellar reputation in the field. Koenig's insightful presentations inspire and educate, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to attend his talks.

United States

Nicholas Jackson

Creative Director, Vicious Studio

Nicholas Jackson serves as the founder at Vicious Studio, a versatile branding studio specializing in brand development and transformation. The talented studio emphasizes leveraging social media, digital experiences, and web platforms to not only inspire but also convert followers into passionate advocates for your brand.

His profound passion for design fuels his enthusiasm for crafting innovative interactive experiences in both digital and print mediums. Throughout his career, Nick has collaborated with clients like Philips, GE, and Shell, and has been part of teams at Sapient Nitro, The New York Times, and Frank Collective.

Jackson's career is marked by a series of notable achievements, showcasing his exceptional talent in design and digital innovation. Jackson's relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in both digital and print mediums has solidified his status as a highly accomplished and dedicated professional in the design industry.


Olga Shevchenko

Design Evangelist, Creative Director and Mentor, Vintage Web Production

Olga Shevchenko is a multifaceted professional; she is a design evangelist and creative director at Vintage Web Production, a mentor and consultant in design, an award-winning designer, as well as an esteemed international speaker.

She is at the helm of Vintage Web Production, Ukraine's premier web production company known for crafting the finest websites in their respective niches. Her life is a testament to her dedication to design, a passion that not only inspires her but also fuels her professional growth. While her peers found joy in various games during their youth, she found her playground among the nuances of typography.

Shevchenko stands as a paragon of creativity and dedication at Vintage Web Production, steering her company to the forefront of the industry with a blend of visionary leadership and artistic finesse. As a creative founder, she infuses every project with her passion for design, ensuring that her commitment to excellence.

Hong Kong SAR

Dr. Ken Ip

Chairman, Asia MarTech Society

Dr. Ken Ip serves as the chairman of the Asia MarTech Society and holds advisory roles in numerous professional organizations, including two universities. He is an award-winning brand strategist, associate professor, columnist, and expert commentator specializing in Tech, Web3, Branding, and e-Commerce.

Ip has occupied diverse high-ranking roles within prominent multinational corporations and conglomerates, spanning from corporate consulting to providing advisory services in public affairs. Additionally, he serves as a strategic advisor for a Web3-focused venture capital firm with assets totaling USD 75 million.

He stands as a luminary in his industry, showcasing a wealth of accomplishments and contributions. His extensive experience in senior positions within leading multinationals and conglomerates reflects his profound impact on corporate consulting and public affairs advisory. Furthermore, as a chairman and a key figure on advisory boards for esteemed universities, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of marketing technology and education.


Alessandro Miasi

Creative Director and Bilingual Copywriter, Leagas Delaney Italia

Alessandro Miasi is the Creative Director of Leagas Delaney Italia and an award-winning creative and bilingual copywriter with over 10 years of experience.

A copywriter of acclaimed repute, recognized with prestigious awards on the global stage. In his role as a Senior Copywriter, he takes on the important responsibility of guiding and nurturing young creative talents as they embark on their initial foray into the industry. His mentorship plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of these budding professionals, offering them invaluable insights and guidance to thrive in the world of advertising and copywriting.

Over the course of his career, he has collaborated with both major networks and boutique agencies, handling diverse global and national clients. This diverse experience has allowed him to enrich and expand his business acumen, working across various media platforms while consistently delivering high-quality ideas and solutions.


Shashwat Das

Founder and Director, Almond Branding

Shashwat Das, the founder and director of Almond Branding.

With a solid background in Marketing and over a decade of experience in leading Design agencies, he has developed the ability to impartially evaluate subjective design and creativity. His expertise lies in discerning what not only appears aesthetically pleasing but also effectively resonates with consumers, target audiences, and the market. His journey in assisting companies in launching new brands, revitalizing existing ones, defining market categories, and achieving business expansion has honed his skills in Brand Creation, Positioning, Brand Architecture, and Strategic Design Consultancy.

He possesses a strong foundation in creative advertising, design, PR, and a keen eye for impactful branded content. He remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends through diligent reading of blogs, journals, and active participation in relevant events. He possesses the capability to assess not only traditional forms such as print, film, and photography but also newer media and social media campaigns.

United States

Vitaliy Yakin

CEO, Creative Art Director and Motion Graphic Designer, Vitaliy Yakin

Vitaliy Yakin has amassed nearly 15 years of experience in computer graphics and motion design.

Throughout his career, he has contributed to numerous international projects and has been featured as a speaker at various global events. In addition to his hands-on work, Yakin possesses teaching experience and has often served as an expert for diploma defenses and certifications at an art college. His client portfolio includes prominent names such as Apple, Microsoft, Logitech, SAMSUNG, various automobile brands, and IT corporations. He also brings extensive experience from working in television, music shows, and the film industry.

Yakin's career in computer graphics and motion design is a vivid reflection of his immense dedication and passion. His tireless commitment to the craft is evident not only in his professional pursuits with leading companies like Apple and Microsoft but also in his eagerness to mentor upcoming talent in the industry.

United States

Matthew Job

Account Executive, Knock

Matthew Job is an remarkable account executive of Knock.

Job is a fiercely competitive expert who combines emotional, social, and business acumen to expedite the acquisition of new revenue and establish a foothold in the market. He has a track record of surpassing sales targets and effectively overseeing both internal and external collaborators to formulate and assess extensive business development strategies, customer relations, product marketing initiatives, and go-to-market campaigns.

Matthew Job is an exceptional professional who has left an indelible mark in his field. His impressive accomplishments include serving as an IFA Roundtable Facilitator, where he has facilitated insightful discussions within the franchise industry, and as a sought-after guest speaker at prestigious institutions like Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, Lipscomb University, and Middle Tennessee State University. Matthew has also made significant contributions as a panelist at the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference, lending his expertise to critical industry discussions.

United States

Laura Barrera

Founder, Journey, The Antidote Within

Laura Barrera is the creator of Journey, The Antidote to Within, a platform dedicated to enhancing health objectives through a combination of nutrition, premium supplements, lifestyle modifications, and advanced testing, all guided by the expertise of health coaches, nutritionists, and energy healers.

With a background in Communication and Art Direction, Barrera has overseen the successful launches of Zara Home and various global brands across 12 countries. As a seasoned expert in fashion and lifestyle branding, she empowers fashion brands to cultivate a captivating visual identity and impactful messaging. Barrera's proficiency allows these brands to authentically connect with their target audiences, resonating with shared values and aesthetics.

Barrera is an expert in communication, online marketing, health tech, corporate branding, and art direction. With a focus on effective communication strategies, she utilizes the latest technologies in health tech and excels in crafting compelling narratives and visual identities for corporate branding.

Hong Kong SAR

Thomas J Elliott

Executive Producer and Creative Director, Casual Films (HK)

Thomas J Elliot serves as the Executive Producer and Creative Director at Casual, a leading video content production studio based in Hong Kong. Specializing in creating captivating brand and corporate videos, Casual caters to enterprise-level businesses globally.

With a two-decade track record, they complete over 1000 projects annually for Fortune 500 companies and have earned 200+ awards. His content is known for boosting share prices, enhancing brand engagement, and driving significant business outcomes for some of the world's most influential brands. He holds a firm belief in the universal power of creative ideas to transcend cultures, markets, and technologies. He is driven by the pursuit of uncovering the human element in every idea.

This fervor has propelled Elliot on a worldwide creative expedition for the past twenty years, striving as a creative leader in various markets and across all forms of commercial visual content storytelling.


Zhanna Travkina

Creative Producer, Mondlicht Studios

Zhanna Travkina holds the position of Marketing Director and Creative Producer at Mondlicht Studios. Armed with a master's degree in international economic relations, she possesses expertise in developing global businesses.

With 15 years of marketing experience, Travkina excels in brand establishment, customer comprehension, the exploration of novel touchpoints, and the construction of PR communication. In her journalistic role, she is responsible for crafting distinctive articles and releases.

Furthermore, she actively participates as a jury member in various award programs and shares her knowledge as a speaker in educational courses, webinars, and workshops. Her passion for marketing is evident in her extensive 15-year career, where she has consistently demonstrated the ability to build brands from the ground up and connect with customers on a profound level. Her dedication shines through in her role as a journalist, where she consistently crafts unique articles and releases that leave a lasting impact.

United States

Ali Jaffar

Founder and Chief Experience Officer and Social Entrepreneur, Key Medium

Ali Jaffar, the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Key Medium, is a social entrepreneur, design thinker, technologist, and a prominent leader in both the tech and design realms.

Jaffar heads Key Medium, overseeing the use of human-centered design, web development, and digital marketing to facilitate the growth and transformation of organizations. Key Medium's work has been honored with more than 50 international awards, and they've had the privilege of collaborating with clients such as J&J, The Forbes Funds, The University of Pittsburgh, and the State of NJ.

He has a strong passion for developing sustainable solutions that foster economic self-reliance and create a positive social impact. Additionally, he serves as a Board Member at Philadelphia OIC, an organization dedicated to offering workforce development training and assistance to individuals facing challenges.

United States

Shahen Markarian

Head of Design, SugaringNYC

Shahen Markarian is a seasoned product designer with over six years of experience in the digital product design industry. Throughout his career, he has worked with a diverse range of clients all over the world, including big companies such as Prepply and MantraDao, led the design team in Shanghai, created digital products that greatly contributed to the growth of the company. Currently serving as a team lead within the design department of a Florida-based company, Shahen has consistently demonstrated his expertise in leading teams to create highly innovative and usable digital products. He also contributes greatly as a judge at the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. Known for his ability to create enjoyable and user-centered designs, Shahen takes great pride in delivering visually appealing solutions that address the specific needs of his clients. He thrives on the challenge of crafting designs that strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, resulting in highly usable and impactful digital products. With a commitment to staying current with industry trends and emerging design practices, Shahen continuously seeks opportunities for growth and learning. His dedication to producing innovative and user-centric designs has established him as a respected professional in the field. In summary, Shahen Markarian is a dedicated and results-driven product designer with a proven track record of creating highly usable and innovative digital products. His passion for design, coupled with his ability to understand and address client needs, sets him apart as a valuable asset in the industry.


Kiran Kumar C K

Senior User Interface Designer, Media. Monks

Kiran C K is a dedicated Designer entrusted with the task of addressing challenges and crafting aesthetically pleasing products and services for some of the world's most renowned brands.

In his role as a designer, he formulates concepts and strategies for intricate interactive projects. He is fervent about discovering optimal tools for translating content-driven visuals, visually captivating designs, intricate nuances, and adhering to brand guidelines, all while introducing innovative interfaces across diverse touchpoints.

Furthermore, he actively collaborates with clients, fostering strong partnerships to deliver strategic and emotionally compelling creative solutions that effectively meet business objectives. C K's dedication to his role as a Designer is unwavering, as he consistently strives to tackle complex challenges and produce exceptional design solutions. He approaches each project with a passionate commitment to crafting visually appealing and innovative designs that align with brand guidelines and resonate with audiences across various platforms.


Shrenik Gandhi

Co-Founder and CEO, White Rivers Media

Shrenik Gandhi is a dedicated entrepreneur whose expertise in digital marketing is focused on addressing business challenges. In 2012, he established White Rivers Media, a company that reflects his ambition to introduce worldwide digital marketing innovations to India and develop creative digital strategies for both Indian and international brands operating within the country.

Gandhi frequently appears on CNBC as an expert in digital trends and analysis, and his insights are often highlighted in prestigious digital media outlets such as the Economic Times, Exchange4media, AFAQS, among others.

Moreover, he is a familiar presence at numerous digital marketing events and entrepreneurship conferences, sharing his knowledge and experiences. Gandhi is deeply engaged in societal advancement, actively participating in initiatives that leverage digital marketing to support community development and social causes. His dedication extends beyond the business realm, as he frequently collaborates with non-profit organizations to enhance their digital presence and impact.

United States

Vijay Yadav

Chief Technology Officer, Brooklyn Health

Vijay Yadav is the Chief Technology Officer at Brooklyn Health. Overall, he possesses 9+ years of professional experience in Data Science and Analytics in the mental health and psychiatry domain. He is also awarded as an Adjunct Professor at University of South Wales Australia. Yadav research focus has primarily been on the development of digital biomarkers and the application of machine learning models in diagnosing and predicting the severity of mental health behavior and associated cognitive symptoms in clinical populations.

Through the analysis of digital data generated by patients, he specializes in identifying quantifiable indicators of their health status. His research involves examining cognitive patterns and psychological data in the field of digital health, contributing significantly to the understanding of trauma, stress and other cognitive disorders. He has published over 15 research papers in peer-review journals on all the research work he has conducted over the years.

Hong Kong SAR

Jan Harling

CEO, Virtus Asia Consulting

As a seasoned professional with a rich background in communication and marketing, Jan Harling brings a wealth of experience from diverse roles, including serving as the Global Media Investment Director at Huawei, Global Media Director at OPPO, and Regional Director for Brand Media and Performance at foodpanda. Currently leading his own consultancy alongside a team of experts, Jan has a nuanced understanding of the industry's intricacies. His journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence, evident in his role as a judge for prestigious awards. This extensive exposure has not only refined his discernment of outstanding work but has also equipped him with the ability to recognize and appreciate excellence across diverse domains. Jan brings a holistic perspective, combining insights from agency and client-side experiences, to assess entries with a keen eye for creativity, strategic thinking, and measurable impact. Serving as a judge for your esteemed awards would be a privilege, and he is eager to contribute his expertise to recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements in our dynamic industry.


Aleksandr Volodkovich

UX/UI | Product designer, Tinkoff

Aleksander Volodkovich is an experienced User Experience and User Interface Designer with over 8 years of expertise.

Currently, he holds the position of a Product Designer at Tinkoff, serving more than 32 million users.

He is also a member of the jury for various international design competitions and has been awarded several prestigious honors, including the MUSE Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, GDUSA Design Awards, C-IDEA DESIGN AWARD, Online Design Awards, and Best App Design Award.

Aleksander Volodkovich actively participates in mentoring for designers and has been consistently recognized as one of the top mentors on the ADPList platform.

United States

Xiaobi Pan

Lead Designer, Amazon

Xiaobi (Iris) Pan is a globally-recognized pioneer in the field of Emerging Technology Design. She has been the inventor of the sound interactive Installation visited by over 1 million participants, the app that promises to plant 100 million trees on our planet by 2025, and a series of industry-leading new technology products and experiences. Currently a Lead Designer at Amazon, she is dedicated to using technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the consumer experience for both business and social good.

United States

Dmitry Bukhensky

Senior Project Manager, Kanda Software

As a Senior Project Manager at Kanda Software, Dmitry Bukhensky brings over 7 years of diverse experience in the field. He possesses a dynamic blend of innovative strategy, visionary leadership, and a data-driven approach to every project he undertakes. Dmitry's career has been characterized by a relentless drive for excellence and a passion for navigating the complexities of technology and business. He prides himself on his ability to foster collaboration, think strategically, and lead with empathy.

Dmitry's journey in project management has been marked by significant achievements and learning experiences. At Kanda Software, he was honored as the "Most Productive Newcomer of the Year," a reflection of his dedication to enhancing project outcomes and team performance. His experience spans from leading large teams and orchestrating high-impact client projects, to optimizing operational processes and spearheading innovative frameworks. Whether it was improving release consistency at Kanda, leading a groundbreaking AI product launch at, or managing intricate blockchain projects at ZEROSUM and Entangle Protocol, Dmitry has consistently demonstrated his capacity to deliver results and drive transformation.