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Hi Metaverse: Global First Marine XR Show

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Shanghai Yangpu Tongji Science Park Co., Ltd., Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD


Video / Online Video (Campaign) - Best Augmented Reality

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" Hi Metaverse" is a revolutionary XR project that combines actual seascapes and architectures with augmented reality. This project seamlessly encourages interactions between the real-world scenes of Qingdao West Coast and the virtual imagery constructed from digital content, providing a truly immersive experience

It achieved three global firsts: The first marine XR Show, which performs on sea surface over 50,000 square meters; the first user co-created digital landmark, which recreates future landmark buildings on a 1:1 scale using XR technology; and the first massive media publicity for metaverse that overlays virtual elements and digital identifiers on real buildings, enabling commercial promotion.

"Hi Metaverse" is experienced through mediums like electronic or wearable devices. Users only need to download the app “Hi Metaverse” and follow the tutorial to designated locations in order to have a comprehensive and complimentary XR experience. It transcends the limitations of physical space, incorporating local historical stories from Qingdao and technological elements such as the Jiaolong submersible, popularizing local marine culture and knowledge to tourists and public.

Furthermore, "Hi Metaverse'' dynamically generates and updates virtual elements. Virtual imagery can be adjusted and transformed in real-time based on different scenes or user interactions. For instance, in “Future city”, users can choose from preset phrases and present them in the form of AR text fireworks over real city buildings; at "Q Bridge", the ambient elements displayed are varied based on users' age and gender: children may see candies, while adults might see flower petals or ginkgo leaves.

Lastly, "Hi Metaverse" encourages users to participate and co-create. By allowing users to vote on their preferred design solutions on "Q Bridge", users are able to participate in the creation of digital city landmarks, which in turn integrates them into the construction of the metaverse. In this platform, users are encouraged to interact with the platform, even with other users in the latest future, bringing new ideas and content to the metaverse.


Zhiqiang Wu
Jing Liang
Chunqing Ma
Xiaoqiu Yuan
Siqi Fan
Shu Wang
Yan Zhuang
Xinyi Zhao
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