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Video / Online Video (Single) - Music Video

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Sony Music Brasil

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United States

Singer Bruno Mastrocolla has just released his single and music video "Chamado," featuring Laura Morena. This is the second project of his solo career and the first album in partnership with Sony Music.

Written by the musician himself, the song brought relief to weary and anxious hearts and was written during a time of great pain and loneliness. Bruno had several losses in a short period. Sometime after losing his mother to aggressive cancer, he moved to the US and had to readapt to a new culture. In July 2021, he lost his father to Covid-19.

"On a night of crying and sadness, where I questioned God and what He wanted from me, I confessed that I felt alone because I no longer had my parents, and I was also separated from my first son Lucca. But suddenly, I felt an inexplicable peace, and God gave me this song," says the musician.

Initially composed in English, the song contains verses inspired by Isaiah 40:28-30. "It became clear to me that, even as an orphan, I would never be alone and that He had a calling for me, just as He does for anyone who makes themselves available to Him," added Bruno.

The song has a gospel pop style and was produced by musician Douglas Lira. Bruno Mastrocolla directed the music video in partnership with the award-winning marketing agency, which makes national and international campaigns for major brands and Christian content.

Regarding the video, the beautiful images were captured in Nevada. The main scenes, where Bruno and Laura Morena interact, were recorded in a salt desert called El Dorado Dry Lake.


Cinematography / SNTZ
Dennys Bravo
Production Manager / SNTZ
Lucas Merkler
Script and Video Direction / SNTZ
Bruno Mastrocolla
Drone and Backstage
Cleber Machado
Paulo Soares
Laura Morena
Song Writer and Performer
Bruno Mastrocolla
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