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Empty shop windows are boring. But especially in good locations, they are also unused presentation areas that can be put to good use in the meantime. For example, to offer local businesses a valuable temporary stage. Best of all in the form of this interactive shop window installation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic additional empty shop windows happened to pop up in our hometown Linz. Therefore, in the summer of 2021, Responsive Spaces joined creative forces with Creative Regions CEO Georg Tremetzberger and local design hero Michael Holzer to address this issue. The concept of »Spot On« was born.

Temporarily, empty shop windows were to become a temporary stage for locally based young companies and startups. In pop-up style, local products and creative concepts were presented in changing locations.

Meanwhile, Responsive Spaces provided the eyecatching long-distance effect with RS factor: As soon as one stood on a marked point in front of the shop window, the complex arrangement of lamps and light unraveled for the viewer and an interactive ticker became legible. Via QR code and smartphone, own messages and crazy light effects could be controlled in the shop window.

The heart of the installation was a voluminous arrangement of controllable LED lights. When viewers were »on spot«, they could design individual messages using their smartphones and send them directly to the system. A jury regularly selected new young companies and startups from among all the applicants, for whom this consequently meant to be in the spotlight in the shop windows.



CEO / Creative Region
Georg Tremetzberger
Designer / Studio Michael Holzer
Michael Holzer
Experience Designer / Responsive Spaces
Martin Zeplichal
Design & Projectmanagement / Responsive Spaces
Nazila Shamsizadeh
Interface Designer / Responsive Spaces
Andrea Maderthaner
CEO / Responsive Spaces
Markus Pargfrieder
Eyup Kus
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