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The Inside Man 4

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Twist and Shout Communications, a KnowBe4 company


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The inside Man 4 is the continuation of a multi-season cybersecurity drama, first commissioned from Twist and Shout Communications by KnowBe4 in 2018. It follows the emotional journey of a reformed hacker, Mark, as he takes on increasingly dangerous social engineering and cyber-threats. While Seasons 1 to 3 followed his evolution from lonely hacker to IT hero to cybersecurity consultant alongside a crew of trusted friends, Season 4 finds Mark and friends taking on an altogether more sinister adversary. A hacker group, ‘The 404’, has taken down an international energy company with a devastating ransomware attack. The stakes are higher than ever before and there is real emotional pain when the mastermind behind the attack is revealed to be Mark’s erstwhile love interest, Charlotte. The series, which is based in the UK, demanded not only a stunning location overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral in London, but additional sequences in Norway and Berlin. The production literally took to the skies, using two helicopters to film dramatic scenes in the skies over London. This reflected not only the growing scope of the cyber threat landscape but also the ever-evolving creative ambitions for the series among the Twist and Shout team. The Inside Man is available worldwide to KnowBe4 'customers' (typically CISOs and IT managers in large to medium sized client companies and organisations) who roll out the series to employees as part of their ongoing information security training. The series has its own page on the KnowBe company website. Unusually for what is essentially a piece of corporate training, this tense and emotional drama has a growing host of devoted fans who look forward excitedly to the next development. As a response, a publicly accessible microsite was created, so fans can watch trailers and ‘Inside the Inside Man’ series, where the important security content is teased out in more detail as well as exclusive, behind-the-scenes juicy snippets.


Director Jim Shields
Writer Rob McCollum
Editor Richard Leverton
Producer James Hissett
Director of Photography Steve Trinder
Executive Producer Stu Sjouwerman
Executive Producer Perry Carpenter
Executive Producer John Just
Production Manager Micaiah Dring
United States
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