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NATO Building Integrity Trainer

Entrant Company

C2 Technologies, Inc.


Website & Mobile Sites - E-Learning

Client's Name

NATO Allied Commander Transformation (ACT)

Country / Region

United States

C2 Technologies developed a 1.5-hour Building Integrity (BI) Trainer. The BI Trainer is HTML-based with imagery developed from 3D environments and avatars. Background activities leading up to each event are shown through a combination of animated images, audio, and video.

The learner is placed in the role of an investigator, provided information gathered from the investigation of the event, and is tasked to identify the indicators of corruption that enabled the event to occur.

The Trainer’s content consists of an introduction and four modules, each addressing a different event.

• Bombing in a major city

• Fall of a major city

• Collapsed bridge

• Terrorist group actions

The introduction provides background on the country and connects the learner with a senior investigator. Each module begins with an event that is the result of corruption. The Investigator’s desk includes file folders, audio and video recordings from victims and witnesses, policemen’s notes, documents collected from the event scene, and international reports. The learner interacts with these items to gather indicators of corruption. Periodically, the senior investigator communicates with the learner to provide additional information. After identifying indicators, the learner is presented with potential preventative measures/solutions. At the conclusion of the module, the indicators and potential preventative actions are categorized and provided as a downloadable take-away.

The BI Trainer contributes to the implementation of NATO’s core tasks - collective defense, crisis management, and cooperative security – by expanding BI information, tools, and methodologies to minimize the risk of corruption in defense of Allies, partners, other international organizations, and civil society.


Instructional Designer
Joseph Carpenter
3D/Multimedia Developer
Elijah Thomas
Multimedia Developer
Christian Bauer
Thomas Gooch
Andreas Frosch
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