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State Farm Mobile App 2022

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State Farm Insurance Company


Apps & Softwares - Best Visual Design - Function (NEW)

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United States

State Farm Mobile App- Taking the Neighborhood with you

Convenience- We make it easy for customers to access all things insurance in a simple and intuitive platform. Our app is designed to meet, and anticipate, our customer's need for convenience and security, with on-the-go availability 24-7. The result is a simple, intuitive, and convenient way for customers to discover enhanced features so they can focus on getting life back on track.

Design- Our app’s design involves rigorous consumer testing, to ensure the highest performing assets and responsive options are included. The app’s streamlined design is not only visually appealing, but also easy to consume. The use of visual collages and carousels allows us to present comprehensive information in smaller, easier-to-consume bites. Throughout, visuals and detailed descriptions emphasize self-service opportunities, accessible educational content and an intuitive shopping experience.

Features- Below are just a few of the ways the product features we’ve introduced on SFMA bring convenience to our customer’s lives.

 Convenient and secure access- Offering facial recognition and touch-ID login options

 One-step, self-service no login options (one time pay, ID cards, preference updates)

 Integration with latest technology for on-the-go convenience (smart watch, Apple/Google Pay)

 Secure self-service access to accounts and policies

 Personalized communication options (chat, text, email, call)

 Full-service Claims experience

 Knowledge building tips and tools

Connecting- Our app allows us to connect with our customers on a personal level. It’s here that we offer the convenience, innovation, and insights to help them successfully navigate insurance products, tools, and services.

And when you need us most….”Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

***To allow for the best user experience, download the app from the App Store or Apps on Google Play.

As information contained on the app can be confidential, we have created a demo account for judges to experience and navigate without having to login. Simply enter +dhp in the User ID field and 1234 in the Password field.


Senior VP - Enterprise Technology
Fawad Ahmad
Enterprise Technology Executive
Vijayasri Yerraguntla
Technology Director
Collette Fung
Digital Experience Director
Todd Steinemann
Senior Creative Director
Emrah Onal
IT Product Managers
Jeff Fietsam, Derek Krut, Andy Reeser
Android Developers
Andrew Erickson, Christian Winger, David Hughes, Pinky Desai, Rob Thurwanger, Scott Anderson, Jesse Donahoo, Manthankumar Rakholia
iOS Developers
Christopher Beyler, Duane Christiansen, Eddie Koranek, Jeff Martin, Joshua Long, Tallyn Turnbow, Daniel Giger, Rachel Paturi, Pash DeVore, Nick Baker
Product Owners/Technology Analysts
Stacy Miller, Brittany Devore, Dana Reibling, Colleen Stokes, Dan Tuggle, Edna Shelby-Lewis, Philip Miller, Michael Pelaccio, Ashley Ward 
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