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2022 2022

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State Farm Insurance Company


Website & Mobile Sites - Insurance

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United States Welcomes you to the Neighborhood

Convenience- At, we’re there for our customers with the products and services they need most. We’ve designed our site to provide consumers with the best possible online experience. Our success is based on constant innovation and anticipating needs, while making insurance understandable and relatable. The result is a simple, intuitive and convenient way for customers to discover how we can enhance their lives so they can focus on getting life back on track.

Design- Our site design involves rigorous consumer testing, to ensure the highest performing assets and responsive options are included. The site’s streamlined design is not only visually appealing, but also easy to consume. The use of visual collages and carousels allows us to present comprehensive information in smaller, easier-to-consume bites. Throughout, visuals and detailed descriptions emphasize self-service opportunities, accessible educational content and an intuitive shopping experience.

Features-Below are just a few of the ways the features we’ve introduced on bring convenience to our customer’s lives.

 Streamlined processes offering no login options

 Reliable quick start estimates and quoting

 Secure self-service access to accounts and policies

 Personalized communication options (chat, text, email, call)

 Full service Claims experience

 Knowledge building tips and tools

Connecting- At State we connect with our customers, it’s here that we offer the convenience, innovation and insights to help successfully navigate insurance products and services.

And when you need us most…

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”


Senior VP - Enterprise Technology
Fawad Ahmad
Enterprise Technology Executive
 Vijayasri Yerraguntla
Digital Experience Directors - Technology
Ticia Reed, Jay Matthews, and Collette Fung
Creative Directors
Eugene Du Plessis, Joshua Goodwin, Corey Lowe and Thomas Schaefer
Technology Managers
Ted Speller, Donna Barkson, Amanda Aviles, Matt Jaeger
Experience Design Practitioners & Technology Analysts
Rick Gordon, James Gray, Barb Hofherr, Mark McCallum, Jill McCarthy, Kristin Wohlust, Carmen Rogers, Natalie Wood
Product Owners
James Bogema, Frank Lockenour, David Schieber, Wendy LeCompte, Sarah Robinson
Kalea Dais, David Denney, Joanna Edgell, Shaun Kelly, Abraham Kim, Jim Leach, Robbie Lee,  BJ May, Erika Myles, Jake Rathman, Benjamin Tutter, Jordan Leeper, Nic Dickrell, Priya Goel, Rommel Alvarado, Weiheng Hsi, Bridget Richardson, Brandon Schmitt
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