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InfoTrax® Systems, a trusted global name in the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) software, is an industry-leading provider of backend operations-systems and online distributor tools for the Direct Sales industry.

To target diverse clientele and simplify propriety codebase, Infotrax decided to ship their services to customers in the form of subscription-based APIs instead of legacy full-stack solutions. This meant that client applications could establish secure communication with Infotrax and have the capability to customize their applications as they deemed necessary. Infotrax wanted to create a tool that would make all these functionalities available to its customers at a single destination.

Our brief was to analyze this situation, define stakeholders and service journeys of all parties involved and envision a unified UX and design system based on the insights we drew from our research.

Their idea got conceptualized into FlexCloud, a decoupled multi-app web platform that would allow internal users and external clients to harness the power of InfoTrax’s services like API integrations, Commissions Engine, Reporting Portal, etc.

Our process was informed by ethnographic research that gave us a deeper understanding of our client’s goals, expectations, and success parameters. These insights materialized into design decisions pertaining to user onboarding, business lifecycles, persona ecology, and the future scope of the applications. We designed the user journeys and frameworks of the platform from scratch before proceeding with each application one-by-one.

For the first phase, we designed the Developer Portal, an application where engineers would establish and manage integrations with the Infotrax engine, search for API documentation, and create mock development environments.

One of the most immediate impacts of releasing FlexCloud will be that Infotrax clients will not have to delegate business strategies outwards and would be able to solve most issues internally. This will be a solution where everyone benefits since clients will have greater control over their operations, and, with the reduced dependency, Infotrax engineers would have to maintain API support for only a single codebase i.e., Infotrax Engine.

Moreover, it would widen the range of new clients and reduce their onboarding time, thus opening opportunities for more business.


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