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Hily Dating App: Stream Live. Connect. Date.

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For singles left drained by the transactional swipe-chat-meet pattern of dating apps, Hily is a lifestyle app that re-centres dating around people.

It helps singles spark quality conversations with each other while having fun around shared interests.

Hily reintroduces the authenticity of creating meaningful connections with other people by adding live streaming to its dating app. This is especially critical during a pandemic restricting in-person dates.

Livestreaming empowers singles to express themselves in confidence and others to enjoy the conversation. This creates fun experiences regardless of what happens with the people you meet.

Where dating apps only offer value when singles finally get to a date,

streaming creates conversations that build relationships - friendships and love stories alike.

Singles come for the dating, stay for the streaming.

It alleviates the anxiety of matching at all costs, by creating the space to enjoy a delightful moment with an interesting stranger and letting the magic turn them into a casual date, a friendship or a loving partner without categorizing them at swipe time...


Lead Product Designer
Maryna Karpenko
iOS Team Lead
Denys Rumiantsev
Android Team Lead
Oleksandr Romanishyn
Liubomyr Pivtorak
Jake Vygnan
Alex Pasykov
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