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The Profit Hunter: Incredible Journeys

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Gravity Global


Video / Online Video (Campaign) - Web Series

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United Kingdom

Despite a world challenged by Covid and lockdown and an

industry that focuses on physical events, Embraer, a regional

jet manufacturer based in Brazil added more activities to its

multichannel campaign than previous years.

Physical events were replaced by virtual online events,

webinars, demonstrations, industry gatherings and physical

experiential activities were replaced by video, VR/AR and

animation. The outcome is that this new way of interacting with

customers has been so successful there will be no turning back!

Aviation manufactures are being challenged by airline operators

trying to understand the dynamics/profitability of air travel post

covid and how to achieve their environmental targets as climate

change becomes the world’s number one priority.

The new 20/21 Embraer – Profit Hunter campaign ‘A force with

nature’ addressed this appetite and provided content across all

platforms to satisfy what can only be described as an insatiable

appetite for thought leadership in unprecedented circumstances.

This campaign deserves to win because the campaign adapted

quickly from previous go to market campaigns to fit the new

reality of Covid and in so doing outperformed not only all

previous campaigns but all other manufacturers campaigns

including the giants, Boeing and Airbus.

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