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Roca Group's Annual Report 2020

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Roca Group is a global company specialized in the bathroom space, with a presence in over 170 markets. Its annual report articulates the dimension and capabilities of a well-structured international organization with a clear vision. It also constitutes a powerful internal document for the Group’s 24.000+ employees, reinforcing a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

The main goals of the 2020 annual report are:

• To contextualize the environment in which Roca Group operates, marked by economic uncertainty on a global scale, digital transformation and growing environmental awareness.

• To highlight the Group's capacity to adapt to the extraordinary situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

• To show the evolution of the Group's general strategy.

To achieve these goals, the report was divided into 6 chapters:

1. Presentation letter and key figures

2. The World Around Us: Brief summary of the main trends that affect the bathroom space sector and Roca Group’s response to them.

3. The Way Ahead: Presentation of the strategic pillars that guide the Group's actions.

4. We Are Water Foundation: Exploration of the Foundation’s activity, which is centered around creating awareness about the rational use of water and development work with underprivileged communities.

5. Everything for the bathroom, all over the World: Information and data about the activity in the four commercial regions in which the Group is divided, with major market highlights.

6. Financial Statement

The digital version of the report presents its content and visual elements in an interactive format. The visual concept is centered around the use of images of hands, aiming to convey the importance of physical contact, proximity and empathy in a year marked by social distancing. This idea of proximity is key in the daily use of the bathroom space, and it is also reflected in the amount of specialization and attention that Roca Group puts into the design and manufacture of its products.


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Roberto Abad
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Cristina Ruiz
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Sonsoles Llorens
Christian Barcelona
Miguel Angel Sanchez
Georgina Pallejà
Publication Coordinator
Antonio Criado
IT Coordinator
Pau Codina
Translation Coordinator
Helen Casas
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