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Mazda website strategy

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Website - Automotive

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Mazda UK

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United Kingdom

With lockdowns forcing a total closure of dealerships for several months of 2020, Mazda’s web platform became the central hub for customer engagement and lead conversion.

Candyspace set about increasing on-site engagement, implementing new seamless and data-driven user journeys and optimising sign-ups.

Success could no longer be measured not by the usual test drive bookings, but by conversions on tools such as ‘find a dealer’ and ‘finance calculator’ and by increased engagement to line up potential car buyers for the end of the lockdown.

Through Candyspace’s focus on the sweetspot where Mazda’s business needs met customer demands, we drove a 55% increase in ‘finance calculator’ conversions, a 35% increase in ‘find a dealer’ conversions and a 29% increase in page views, keeping valuable customers with Mazda on the journey while they waited to get back in the driving seat.


Client Partner, Candyspace
Alice Garland
Delivery Manager, Candyspace
Michelle Meehan
Head of Web Development, Candyspace
Joe Stubbs
Experience Director, Candyspace
Jonathan Kelly
Product Designer, Candyspace
Silvia Cassone
Junior Web Developer, Candyspace
Cosmo Swarbreck
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