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Behind The Mask

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Creative Theory Group


Video / Online Video (Single) - Nonprofit

Client's Name

Mind HK

Country / Region

Hong Kong S.A.R., China

According to Mind HK’s latest research, 50% of Hong Kong residents believe that their mental health declined during the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As wearing a mask has become part of our daily lives, it often masks our own and others’ expressions, hiding what we are really feeling.

To bring awareness to this important Mental Health issue, Mind HK engaged Creative Theory Group to develop and produce a series of films and visual content for the campaign called “#behindthemask” in honour of World Mental Health Day 2020.

The series was written/directed and photographed by award winning Hong Kong based filmmaker Thomas J Elliott and produced by Harry Pang under their Creative Theory Group label.

The key message behind the campaign is that in the face of the uncertainty of the pandemic, it is normal to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and worried.

It is important however at this difficult time, that everyone understands that they are not alone, and the organisations such as MindHK has resources available that are here to support you:

Mind HK encourages the use of masks as a public health measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please follow the regulation for your own and others' safety.

The series was developed, executed and released within a 14 day from concept to completion window in order to be ready for World Mental Health Day 2020.


Producer/Creative Theory Group
Harry Pang
Editor/Creative Theory Group
Eddie Addams
Editor/Creative Theory Group
Kurt Longjohn
Production Manager/Creative Theory Group
Anwen Freeman
Post Production Supervision/Creative Theory Group
Nicholas Bolonkin
Post-Production Manager/Creative Theory Group
Zhifang Men
1st Assistant Director/Creative Theory Group
Roberto Sampson
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