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Tommy Hilfiger Styling LAB AR Clothing

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Tommy Hilfiger

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Tommy Hilfiger has launched an AR virtual try-on experience in collaboration with Miffy to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2023. The experience allows customers to virtually try on clothes from the brand's new collection.

The AR virtual try-on experience is available on the Tommy Hilfiger mini-program. To use it, customers simply need to point the camera to themselves with their smartphone. Then, virtual clothing will appear on the screen. Customers can then select clothes from the new collection and try them on virtually in real-time.

The virtual try-on technology allows users to enjoy a more interactive and engaging shopping experience. Members can easily register for the program and start trying on clothes virtually with just a few clicks. The high-performance human feature tracking technology covers both the front and back cameras to ensure a perfect fit and realistic experience. This 3D high-performance rendering engine also accurately reproduces the fabric's color, texture, and drape, enabling members to make informed decisions about their purchases.

The introduction of virtual try-on clothes in Tommy’s marketing strategy represents a smart move that not only engages customers but also boosts brand awareness and loyalty. With this innovative tech, Tommy’s members can confidently select their favorite items from the new collection and experience the true meaning of high-quality fashion. The collaboration merges the best of both worlds: fashion and technology. The dynamic interactive features inspire customers to engage and share their experiences, while our AR-enabled virtual try-on brings a real-life shopping experience to our customers.

In addition to the AR wardrobe, the collection includes interactive features such as adorable 3D Miffy interactions in AR, exclusive benefits like limited edition festival red envelopes on WeChat, and new year gift cards.

Overall, Tommy Hilfiger's innovative use of virtual try-on technology has revolutionized the online shopping experience, providing customers with the ability to try on clothes virtually and share experiences on social media. The brand has expanded its customer base and strengthened its brand identity by leveraging the power of social media.


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