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A Social Coffee Shop with a Sip of Creativity

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Blue Hat


Social Media (Single) - Food & Beverage

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Draft Cafe

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A Local Lovemark

Draft Cafe is a social coffee shop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with nine locations around the city. With their increasing popularity within the Saudi community, Draft Cafe wanted to reinforce their brand positioning as a local lovemark.

They approached Blue Hat for an uplift of their social media presence, while focusing on positioning Draft Cafe as a relevant and vibrant coffee destination to its young Saudi audience.

For the Love of Coffee Content

The team at Blue Hat wanted to mainly focus on showcasing Draft Cafe’s creative personality through the various themes.

The team created content that portrays the different products, food pairings, drink highlights, making-of, ambiance of the different branches, and behind the scenes footage. The team harnessed trends through reels that showcased the latest trending music, ASMR style videos, memes and branded content. This is paired with engaging stories, custom-designed Draft Cafe stickers, polls and questions in order to create a two way conversation. Blue Hat also utilized seasonal-based content on occasions such as New Year, Ramadan, and Saudi Founding Day to allow the grid to feel both relevant and playful.

Fostering Community & Locality

Blue Hat also wanted to focus on the community and locality aspect, and that includes both staff and customers. Therefore Draft cafe staff are constantly portrayed and take part in the “behind the scenes” and “in the making” videos of the drinks with their specialized techniques. The grid also features user-generated photos and reposts from clients, to emphasize the sense of belonging. The team also focused on always portraying a local feel with Arabic first, the use of local events and digital competitions that are conceptually rooted in Saudi culture.

Through the application of the above initiatives, the Draft Cafe account has seen 75.1% increase in reach and 41.1% increase in engagement within the last 90 days from the end of Q4 in 2022 and the beginning of Q1 in 2023.


Draft Cafe, Founder
Wadha Al-Rashid
Draft Cafe, CEO
Nassib Wanna
Blue Hat, Co-Founder / Managing Director
Sami Hmaidan
Blue Hat, Co-Founder / Innovation Director
Judy Maamri
Blue Hat, Head of Digital Communications
Gaelle Meouchy
Blue Hat, Lead Graphic Designer
Severine Haykal
Blue Hat, Senior Social Media Executive
Rawan Fawaz
Blue Hat, Graphic Designer
Safa Sinno
Draft Cafe, Office Manager
Fiona Charlone
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