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Czech Republic

EKO-KOM is the organisation responsible for advocating for waste separation (understood as “sorting” in the Czech Republic), which they do through a variety of communication channels.

It turns out that they’ve done quite a good job over the years, with an estimated 73% of the Czech population actively sorting their waste on an ongoing basis. Although this figure is among the highest in Europe, there is always room for improvement.

Digital content has proven to be a highly effective communication channel, especially with the younger audience. At the centre of this digital universe is the recently revamped online platform, which has been created as an online e-zine.

As you might expect of any magazine (online or otherwise), fresh and entertaining content is paramount to keeping engagement levels high. Without it, the conversation would surely die.

On top of the constant stream of articles and other content, the Organisation also runs larger thematic yearly campaigns that focus on an aspect of good waste separation practices.

“Play with your heart, sort with your head,” is the current thematic campaign platform.

It features popular women’s American Football team, the Prague Harpies.

The communication is aimed at encouraging people to think about how they separate their waste, and compact it correctly so as to minimize the space needed to transport it to, and store it at, the waste depots.

Just as when the Harpies play, they play with “heart,” they also use their heads when they sort (separate).

The goal, as always, was not just to send out yet another message about an arguably very low-involvement issue, but rather to create content that entertains while it educates.


Idea Maker / Writer
Jana Patockova
Designer / Illustrator
Ivan Beltran
Art Director / Motion Graphics
Eleni Sivridi
Video and Production
Nikita Rubin
Senior Project Manager
Martina Ellzey
Senior Project Manager
Vendula Hrichova
Digital Director
Milica Petrik
Art Director
Ondrej Novak
Motion Graphics
Robert Valentin
Motion Graphics
Martin Capovcak
Final Sound Mix
Karel Stulo
Creative Director / Writer
Stuart Godwin
Video Production House
As themselves
Prague Harpies
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