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Holiday Catalog Design

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Jane Lee Design


Digital Marketing - New Category (Digital Marketing)

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The Good Toy Group

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United States

The holiday catalog is a reimagined as a holiday Playbook.

Giggles Magical Toy Shopp Cover

A holiday cover design straight out of a child's imagination. A toy store built from toys and colorful design elements. The Magnatile building tiles provide structure and a magical glow. The window tiles allow product placement. The child reaches up to the doll in the window interacting the with magical toy store.

Gingerbread House Grid Cover

The grid cover conveys a strong message about what holiday is all about. Love, Compassion, connection and PLAY! Powerful images  of siblings and parents engaged in play show how toys connect families. This cover provides an aspirational message.

Five Little Monkeys Holiday Christmas Tree Cover

Bottlebrush Christmas trees provide a wintery wonderland background for the retro, red, Playmobil van which has a diverse family of passengers. Hand-painted watercolor lights add a touch of magic.

Toyology Smile Robot Cover

Back to basics with a strong image of a kid connecting with their toy. Shop Happy means Give Happy and Receive Happy. It's all about the image! A happy kid with their robot toy exudes holiday joy.

The custom design elements bring the holiday vibe in a playful way. The design elements give a hint of what’s to come on the inside pages.


Creative Director, Designer, Jane Lee Design
Jane McCarthy
Senior Designer
Courtney Gochenour
Monarch Photography Studio
Zach Thomas
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