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Ricola #VoicesThatThrive

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United States

OVERVIEW: To show the benefits and everyday use of Ricola, we created a strategy that would align with

key public figures that are known for using their voices. These influencers covered a wide

range of industries, backgrounds and talents as some were podcasters, athletic coaches,

doctors, actors and singers. In their introductory post, each influencer was required to share

how and why they use Ricola as they unboxed a specialized Ricola gift and covered key talking

points about Ricola. Influencers built on the hashtags #RicolaVoices and #VoicesThatThrive as

they shared follow-up content via Instagram Stories to show the continued, ongoing use of the

Ricola products. Through this content, influencers took Ricola on their travels, to work,

auditions, and coaching sessions, to authentically highlight how Ricola is an essential item to

the influencers’ everyday.

CONTENT: Each influencer posted an in-feed carousel/video and 2-3 Instagram Story sets to bring to life

the #VoicesThatThrive theme. The Instagram in-feed content showed the influencer’s authentic

use of Ricola within their everyday life. Through a carousel or video post, the influencer showed

moments throughout their day and displayed Ricola as the focal point. The content and copy

positioned Ricola as an essential everyday item for the influencer and a key component to

ensure that they are feeling 100%!

Instagram Stories were spaced out over the course of two months to show ongoing use and

build on the influencer’s loyalty and dedication to the Ricola brand. The influencers intertwined

the Ricola product within their everyday lives, as they traveled, prepared for auditions, hosted

workshops, took voice lessons and more! Through Instagram Stories, each influencer

showcased unique moments to them and how Ricola was a key part of that moment.

KEY RESULTS: Not only did the campaign receive 9.4M impressions, 3.9M video views, and 353K engagement,

but it also resulted in a cost per view of 2 cents and an engagement rate of 7.5%, which is six

times higher than the Instagram benchmark engagement rate of 1.22%.


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Jason Pampell
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Tiffany Borland
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Callina Patterson
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Nickey Rautenberg
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