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PeopleReady Brand Refresh Submission

In 2020, staffing leader PeopleReady gained new leadership, invigorated its company culture and evolved its delivery models. PeopleReady needed a refreshed brand to reflect their new vision and to create a foundation for future growth in connecting people and work.

The PeopleReady team of marketing and creative experts completed the brand refresh completely in-house. The process took eight months to complete and consisted of a highly detailed discovery phase in which the team compiled knowledge from over 5,000 survey responses across B2B, B2C and internal groups, over 40 hours of phone interviews, and robust competitive analysis. From these learnings, the team developed a new brand promise, tagline and brand story, united through a cohesive brand voice. The team also developed a new creative system designed to attract and engage businesses and workers from a diverse set of industries and personal backgrounds.

Before launching the refreshed brand, the team engaged an outside firm to test their message and creative styles. While the reaction to the brand message was extremely favorable, the PeopleReady team learned that minor adjustments were needed to their proposed creative image styling. The testing phase proved incredibly valuable to the process and overall success of the project.

The refreshed PeopleReady brand officially launched in tandem with a new company culture campaign on February 16, 2021. Elements of the launch included:

• Refreshed colors and new font system

• New photo styling and custom illustrations

• New brand templates and toolkits

• New website

• Defined brand voice

• New brand promise, tagline and articulated brand story

• Four new brand story videos

• Hype Video

• Press release

The result of the PeopleReady brand refresh project is a cohesive brand strategy that tells the story of who PeopleReady is and how they can help businesses and workers succeed, now and in the future. The brand refresh project united the PeopleReady organization, excited its target markets and laid the foundation for future growth. Within weeks, web engagement increased on the company’s rebranded website, with a 45% increase in business leads.

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