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Baja - Strong Tea

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Extend Ad


Social Campaign & Series - Food & Beverage

Client's Name


Country / Region

Saudi Arabia

The Brief

Baja is a leading Saudi company that produces the finest nuts, coffee, teas and dried fruits of all kinds, baja wanted to launch a campaign that communicates in a local narrative the launch of the strong "concentrated tea".

The Challenge

For a new player to gain attention in the tea market in Saudi Arabia where both local and global brands enjoy a high level of loyalty from consumers as these brands have been in the market for 50 years

Our Way In

To Create communication that shifts the focus from the brand to the consumers

The Insight

For Saudi's heavy tea is connected to moments of hippieness

Our Solution

We created an insight driven film that puts the consumer in the heart of the story, the film is homage to those who celebrate concentrated tea and used a visual que that is deeply relevant to our consumers in a way that is never before used in a tea commercial in Saudi Arabi


More than 10M Views of the film across platforms

103 x the Amount of engagement for similar posts on local competitors accounts


Executive Creative Director
Ali Al Zabadani
Mohammed Al Masri
Director of Business and CX
Turki Al Sayari
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