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The Last Judgement by Hans Memling / promo

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TOFU Studio


Video / Online Video (Single) - Public Service & Activism

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National Museum in Gdańsk

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THE LAST JUDGEMENT: In many religions, God’s universal judgement of the world and humankind which will happen in the End Days.

THE LAST JUDGEMENT: A triptych by the Netherlandish artist Hans Memling, painted between 1467 and 1473. At the National Museum in Gdansk

"The Last Judgement" by Hans Memling is definitely one of the most interesting art pieces in Poland. This triptych from the XVth century can be found in the collection of National Museum in Gdansk. In order to promote and expand knowledge about "The Last Judgement" by Hans Memling triptych, TOFU Studio have prepared the promotional campaign. The main purpose of the campaign was to increase awareness about the triptych and the fact that it can be found in the National Museum in Gdansk. The entire concept was based on an exposition of the golden sphere, which upraises Jesus Christ and is located in the middle of the triptych. The sphere can symbolise the absolute, which descended to the earth to appear in our everyday life.

In 2018, as a part of the activities following the campaign, a promotional video of the Memling’s triptych was prepared. The video was created using various modern audio-visual technologies. The shoot took 8 days and post-production over half a year. The music was composed by a recognized composer from Gdansk, Stefan Wesolowski and recorded live in the Holy Trinity Church in Gdansk, also.

On 17.10.2018, a premiere of the promotional video took place in one of the cinemas in Gdansk. The video was uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo platforms on the same day.After the official premiere, the video was widely commented by both local and national media. A few days was distinguished by the Ads Of The World portal and was displayed on the main page.

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