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The gleaming Vega Awards statuette are custom designed and handcrafted by Society Awards, the producers of many other prestigious memorabilia. Over the past several years, Society Awards has redesigned many of the world’s top creative awards, including The Clios, Golden Globes, Video Music Awards (VMA), and the Academy of Country Music, American Music Awards and Muse Creative Awards. The Vega statuette is designed to pay tribute to the evolution of the digital arts. Standing approximately one foot tall, and weighing over 5 pounds, the masculine digital man with mask represents the strength and vitality of digital industry.

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The Vega Awards are named after stars and constellations, symbolizing a bright future. They represent and celebrate the very best in Websites, Web Advertising, Mobile Sites/Apps, and Web Video. Each statuette is engraved to include the details of the winning entry as well as the person being honored.

The names of our winning levels are also chosen from among the stars. First Place winners may choose the gleaming, black nickel Canopus, the next-brightest star in the night sky. For Second Place, we created the golden Centauri, which signifies a shining future. Finally, the shimmering, rose-gold Arcturus is available to Third Place winners, and represents the rising star.

Winning entries may purchase the Canopus (1st place), the Centauri (2nd place) and the Arcturus (3rd place) to serve as a lasting reminder of their success.

2018 Vega Awards Trophy price at $245 exclusive of shipping costs. Contact us PRIOR to placing your order for a precise shipping quote.

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