Vega Statuettes

Vega Statuette

Behold, the illustrious Vega statuette.

Meticulously designed, and crafted by the International Awards Associate, the statuette is victory personified. Its multifaceted surface signifies the endeavours invested to initiate change, ultimately transforming various aspects of digital media. At approximately one foot tall, and weighing over five pounds, the Canopus (Platinum), Centauri (Gold) and Arcturus (Rose Gold) statuettes are here to honor your esteemed presence in the universe of digital arts.

The winning level titles are chosen from among the stars. First Place winners will receive the lustrous Platinum Canopus statuette, the next-brightest star in the night sky. For Second Place, the Golden Centauri, heralding a bright future. Finally, the shimmering, Rose Gold Arcturus for our Third Place winners, akin to a rising star.

For this year, winners will also have the option to pick our newly designed statuette. While similar to its predecessors in shape and form, this statuette is seen to be brazenly holding its helmet up high, with its head up and facing forward - like a gladiator soaking in glory after a fateful battle.

The Brilliant statuette are each priced at $255* respectively, personalized with a sleek nameplate on its base, engraved in either a Platinum, Gold, or Rose Gold plate.

(*Excludes Shipping Fee. Entrants are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes, should local customs authority deem appropriate.)

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