Vega Worldwide

From blogs, news to even social platforms, we want to acknowledge the creative professionals who offer their time to introduce and endorse the Vega Digital Awards to the world. Where we celebrate creativity and ingenuity, many others recognize our dedication and commitment. To them, we say thank you and welcome to the Vega family!

Agnew Media
United States

I’m pretty excited to show off some hardware. Agnew Media received awards from Vega Digital Awards for work in the digital realm...

Asterisk Media

Bunch of big wins for the #Kobo #AuraOne launch video. #vegaawards @jeffbriant @jm_sound_music @polygonsandwich @alysssaaloves @an...

DreamingFish Productions & 100% Open
United Kingdom

We're thrilled to win a #VegaDigitalAward with @DreamingFish for our Ford #GoDetroit animation. Check it out here