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Meet our esteemed 2016 Vega Digital Awards jury

Vega Digital Awards judging panel is comprised of some of the most experienced, respected, and qualified professionals in the digital industry from across the globe. Through the generosity of time and talent, they volunteer their skills, knowledge, and interests to adjudicate the 2016 Vega Digital Awards. Serving on an award jury is a challenging labor of love and we would like to extend a huge thank you to our distinguished panel of expert judges who provide their time and expertise to evaluate our entrants.


Pier Lalonde

President, Creative Director

Pixel & Cie

Pier Lalonde brings over 35 years of experience in most facets of advertising and web-based communications of all sorts. His job is to foster the best in the creative minds he manages and to always try and breakthrough, no matter the size of the budget or client. As a judge, Pier gained a lot from seeing what is being done in other countries and this serves as his personal enrichment for him and his teams.

Birger Linke

Group Creative Director

Ogilvy & Mather

As the Group Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather (Beijing), Birger Linke has a global perspective, having worked across countries and continents in companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi (Singapore), TBWA\Vietnam, Leo Burnett (Shanghai), to name a few. He is an experienced judge, having judged many international awards shows. His works are featured in numerous publications around the world, as well as on national television in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.
United States

Shakir Dzheyranov

Creative Director

Spinifex Group

Recognized in Business Insider 2016 The 30 most creative people in advertising under 30, Shakir Dzheyranov's unique style and confidence mark him out as a powerful force in the advertising industry. He has won numerous awards, including Awwwards, FWA, Webby, Addy, CSS Design and Key Art, One to Watch. Besides being a strong creative, Shakir has lots of experience in adjudicating design competitions as well as giving workshops.

Jurij Plavnik

Creative Director

F4F Creative Factory

Jurij Plavnik is the founder and CEO Creative Director of F4F Creative Factory, Italy. With 20 years of experience and passion for branding, graphic design, web design and advertising, he has worked with international clients like Castelli Cycling, Lumberjack, Calzedonia, Spalding, and so on. Jurij received multiple international awards like the Italy Web Award, Mediastars (where he participated as a juror), Davey Awards and WebAwards.

Maria Afroditi Patsi

Creative Director

Patsi Art & Design

Maria Afroditi Patsi is an award-winning creative and the Founder, Creative Director of PatsiĀ® Art & Design based in Athens - Greece. Maria's artwork has been published and exhibited globally in prestigious design museums and art galleries. "To hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly and to decide impartially" is what describes Maria fittingly as a judge.
United States

Christine David

Chief Digital Marketing Director

Rieback & David Integrated Marketing & Advertising

As the Chief Digital Marketing Director at Rieback and David Integrated Marketing and Advertising, Christine David has worked in the industry for over 20 years and have taught digital marketing, web, and print design for many years. She has a passion for making a difference in the world and love showing others how the power of communication can change how others think and see things. Additionally, she loves seeing others work and experiencing great concepts and execution.

Wojtek Jezowski

CEO and Creative Director

Black Rabbit

Wojtek Jezowski has over 15 years of industry experience both in film and television. For the past 6 years, Wojtek is the CEO and creative director of Black Rabbit video content agency. They have received numerous awards for their groundbreaking productions such as "2020: The series", the first corporate sci-fi web series. After receiving the Webby Award Honoree, Wojtek has been taking part in the selection of content for the festival.
United States

Mark Goldstein

Creative Director

Nobody Studios

Having been in the industry for nearly 10 years, Mark Goldstein had the privilege of leading, mentoring and learning among diverse teams, resulting in amazing and award-winning creative. Mark has also worked with a variety of notable clients ranging from major household names like Google to startups and small businesses. He constantly strives to make the best-in-class creative but his ultimate goal in life is to have as much fun as possible while doing what he loves.

Luiis Franceschi

Managing Partner

LUI.IS LLC Interactive Boutique Agency

Luiis Franceschi is a swiss young entrepreneur with more than 12 years of practical experience in web, technology, marketing, and design. At 22, he founded LUI.IS LLC, the first and only Interactive Design Boutique Agency in Switzerland. He has important academic background from Stanford, Yonsei University, Copenhagen Business School and University Bocconi. During his successful career, he has worked for some of the most important and awards winning agencies.

Alex Tan

Creative Director

Nokua Design Sdn. Bhd.

Alex is the Creative Director at Nokua Design, an award-winning agency, with more than 10 years of experience in both advertising agencies and in-house teams. Alex has created successful initiatives for international brands such as Walt Disney Licensee, Dreamworks Production Licensee, Herbalife, etc. Responsible for company strategy, creative vision, and user experience, he creates meaningful experiences that inspire and improve clients' brand and peoples' lives.

Zhou WenJun

Founder & Design Director

524 Studio

Zhou Wenjun is the Founder, Creative Director, and Architect of 524 Studio based in Beijing. His work focuses on architecture, visual communication, product design, and other fields. Zhou's work has been published and exhibited globally, including U.S., Japan, Germany, British, China, to name a few, and have earned a plethora of international awards. With his international jury experiences, Zhou was invited to the U.S. and Italy as a judge for several international design awards.
United States

Jules Mercado

Web/Graphic Designer

Jules Mercado has been a graphic designer for over 10 years. He owns, which he designed everything by himself. His website is ranked #1 in its category on every search engine. The website is a PSD Template site with Flyers, Mixtapes, DJ Business Cards, and Banners along with plenty of free PSDs to help other designers. Jules has the experience needed to critique other designers work.

Olivier Hero Dressen

Director / Photographer

Olivier Hero Dressen has a long experience in media, extending to various places in the world. His work is eclectic in different areas and medium. Olivier is passionate about art and design in any form.

Kishore Karumbaiah

Chief Creative Officer

Langoor Digital

Kishore Karumbaiah is the Chief Creative Officer and a Partner at Langoor. He is an award-winning writer who has more than 15 years of experience in the advertising world. Gifted with the rare ability to recognize simple yet powerful ideas, Kishore enjoys watching people and that is where his ideas come from, from real life incidents. Ideas that make everyone's pulse race. Kishore is able to recognize a "real" idea when he sees or hears one.

Kumar Jha


Agency 42

Kumar is a passionate advertiser and has a great understanding of creativity. Kumar runs a global creative agency and works with over 5,000 high profile creatives. They have worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Audi, Bacardi, GE, Lexus, Marriott and many more international brands. He has been a mentor at various places.
United States

Matthew Smith


Modmacro, Inc.

Matthew's agency, Modmacro, Inc. has won numerous global marketing communications, branding, and design awards. His firm is currently completing their 750th project since their founding in 2010. He is capable of providing a fair assessment of others work.

Joe Hui

Project Manager

Nokua Design Sdn. Bhd.

Passionate about design and digital technology, Joe has over 5 years of experience in crafting strategy, creative direction, and project management for global clients including Herbalife (U.S), ABB (Switzerland), Ice Watch (Belgium), and many more. Joe is committed to staying on the forefront of the latest trends and emerging technologies and continues to expand and evolve his capabilities based on the changing needs of the industry as well as his passion for innovation.

Klaus Sommer Paulsen

CEO Creative Director


Klaus Sommer Paulsen is an award-winner with more than 20 years of experience and a regular judge with the Web Marketing Association's Web Awards. He has numerous judging experience from various International and national awards, and has been awarded an associate membership with IADAS, signifying him as a regular judge with Webby Awards and Lovie Awards.
United States

Shangning Wang

Freelance graphic designer & artist

Shangning Wang is an award-winning graphic designer, an illustrator, and a design juror. He focuses on commercial art, typography, illustration, branding, poster design, and visual design. He designs with passion, dream, and love. In 2015, his poster works were exhibited in many cities around the world: Dnepropetrovsk, La Paz, Seoul, Suzhou, Taipei and many more. In addition, he was also a part of the jury for Muse Creative Awards and COW International Design Festival.

Aleksandr Tikhonov


Contorra Family

Aleksandr Tikhonov deals with numerous websites and designs with various shades of greatness, coolness, trendyness, and he has to differ them every day. Aleksandr often explains his choices to other people with different levels of knowledge, experience, as well as taste in design, web, and art.

Nikolina Popovic

Creative Director


Nikolina currently leads the creative team at Grey Doha as Creative Director. Joining the team just over two years ago, she single-handedly overhauled the creative output of the agency through her keen insight, vast experience, and leadership skills. Nikolina has been exposed to diverse cultures throughout her career; beginning with an internship in China, followed by a stint as Art Director at Ogilvy-Cactus Communications in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her career then found her moving from the Horn of Africa to Bratislava in eastern Europe with Muw Saatchi & Saatchi. With the travel bug hitting her again, she moved to Doha, Qatar as Senior Art Director with Leo Burnett before settling to her current role in Grey Doha. She has worked on a big accounts, such as: Pilsner Urquell, Qatar Telecom, Qatar Airways, Ministry of Health Qatar, etc. Nikolina holds a graphic design degree from the University Of Belgrade Academy Of Applied Arts, Serbia, and focused on advertising, editorial graphic design, and art direction in the Accademia Cappiello in Florence and Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, with a specialty in calligraphy. Nikolina has been regularly recognized for her work, with accolades from several awards shows including 'SAPPI-IDEAS THAT MATTER' in South Africa, the MENA Crystal, Dubai Lynx and Lisbon International Advertising Festival.

Pavel Kozlov

Designer, Writer


Founder of Peopleofdesign and co-founder of Radugadesign, Pavel Kozlov, is a Russian based graphic, web, UI, and fashion designer. He is experienced in creating graphic designs for restaurants, UI and web design for banking systems as well as having the experience in both retail and production companies. His work was exhibited in Moscow, at The Central Hour of Artists for his extraordinary designs. Pavel also served as a judge at A' Design Award & Competition last year.
United States

Nicholas Jackson

Creative Director of Branded Content

The Washington Post

Nicholas Jackson is a Creative Director living in Brooklyn. His work is concentrated in branded content, interactive design, advertising and branding. His extreme passion for design helps drive his passion for creating exciting new interactive experiences across digital and print. Over his career Nick has worked with clients such as Philips, GE and Shell and worked for companies such as Sapient Nitro, The New York Times and Frank Collective.

Alessandro Miasi

Senior Copywriter


Alessandro - or Ale - is an award-winning copywriter with international experience. As a Senior Copywriter, he mentors young creatives through their first years in the business. Throughout his career, he worked for big networks and independent agencies, on a wide range of global and national accounts, and had the chance to bolster and broaden his experience and business understanding, working on different media, and always manage to deliver top quality ideas and solutions.
United Kingdom

Andrea Foresi

Freelance Senior Creative, Art Director

Ogilvy & Mather

Andrea Foresi is an award-winning senior Creative and Art Director based in London. Over the years he has honed his conceptual, tech-driven approach, always pushing into new ground, especially in digital. He has worked for a variety of global and independent agencies, from Publicis Milan to Wunderman UK, and tackled the big issues for many major brands, including Microsoft, Shell, Heineken, Renault and GSK.
United Kingdom

Greg Wixted


Global iLabs Ltd

Greg is a dynamic and committed, award-winning innovation and marketing professional with 20 years of experience. He founded Xpert back in 2010, a London-based Innovation and brand marketing business. Over the years, he has enjoyed building management teams with wide sets of skills, getting strong-minded and talented individuals to collaborate and has gained invaluable experience of devising innovation, business and marketing and digital strategies.
United States

Kyle Johnson

Principal/Creative Director

BlkMrkt. Cr8tiv Labs

As a creative director and marketing manager, Kyle helps clients understand complex ideas, motivates them to action, and cooperates with media outlets to carry out successful strategies. He is also the recipient of numerous international industry awards hosted by AVA, MarCom, Hermes, etc. Kyle is also a competent judge and had opportunities to utilize his passion for meaningful, quality design to give constructive criticism and appropriate advice where needed.